Bosses love to offer their employees big cash incentives to make them happy. But, the problem with this trick is that it only keeps them happy for the short-term. In the long-term, your workers will need more if they are going to be happy. And, because they are your most valuable asset, it makes sense to make them feel comfortable. Plus, happy and comfy employees are productive ones. To hit these targets, though, the firm has to create a killer working environment. And, to do this, you have to implement the following rules.


Keep The Office Clean

The first rule is also the simplest: a messy office is an uncomfortable one. No one wants to worry about dirt and grime at work because it shifts their focus, which is why you need to keep it clean. The easiest way to hit this target is to hire a cleaner if you have the money. Cleaners aren’t expensive, but they are an extra expense that most businesses can do without. If you can’t afford one, get everyone in the office to roll up their sleeves and help. For one thing, it builds a sense of community which is vital, and it keeps the costs down. Oh, and by everyone, that means you, too!

Be Flexible

Employees love money because they need lots of it to pay the bills and look after their families. However, they need more than money to lead a fulfilling life because it isn’t everything. What they need more than most is a balance between life at home and work, and you can provide that balance. To clarify, no one is saying you should let people shirk their responsibilities. It’s unfair and will cause a big divide. But, people with legitimate reason should get the flexibility to build their life around work. For example, parents that need to pick up their kids might need to come in late. As long as they finish their work, there is nothing wrong with the arrangement.



Sometimes, you have to tell people no, and they won’t like it. Still, they can live with it if they understand your reasoning. Far too many employers keep their cards close to their chest and pay the penalty. Instead, the company should communicate and provide its workers with answers. Not only does it appease, but Portfolio Procurement believes it lowers the turnover rate. The reason is that the workforce knows the bosses are firm yet fair. As a result, they won’t resent the company and seek new employment. A lack of communication can drive a wedge between employer and employee, so always keep the door open.


Give Them Purpose

It’s so easy to provide people with tasks that are boring and insignificant. And, even though they are necessary, you should try and avoid it where possible. Or, better yet, you should mix it up so that your workers don’t get into a bad routine. As soon as they feel that work is monotonous, they will get itchy feet.

As you know, itchy feet aren’t comfortable.

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