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Soccer may well be the most spectated sport in the world, but when it comes to participation numbers nothing even gets close to fishing. It is one of the most peaceful hobbies anyone can do. There is just something about having the breeze on your back, an eyeful of calm water in front of you and an opponent you can’t see eagerly flashing about below the surface. The anticipation levels you feel as you wait for a bite are just amazing and the more you do it the more amazing it becomes.

Of course, fishing is also a skill with a hundred variables that need careful consideration. That’s why we have come up with some fishing tips and tricks for the amateur angler to help you reel something special in.

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The License

We wish this was simple, but every state offers a different form of license, from Texas to Ohio to good old Kansas. However, ask any top tier fishing guides what the most important thing an angler needs is and they will tell you it is the correct permit, one that meets that state’s regulations. The reason they do this is conservation and to preserve the beauty of fishing in that area. Luckily, most permits can be bought online, so it is a pretty hassle free experience.

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The Rod

It may seem like a pretty rudimentary thing to say, but choosing a rod and knowing your rod – the parts and the lingo – is a basic need for all those who fish. You need to know your butt-cap from your ferrule and your butt guide from your hook keeper. So get to know the parts that make up your rod, how they can differ and which suits your style. From there it is just about practice.

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The Gear

Different fish need different equipment. That is why we always recommend you have some sort of idea of what fish is in the local vicinity, which fish you want to catch and then have the rod that will best allow you to do this. To find this out, there is no better resource that a good old local tackle shop.

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The Bait

There is no one bait fits all. Sorry. But there are different types of bait and it all depends on what you are fishing and where you are fishing. As a rule, though, nothing is better than having live bait. Earthworms are a great place to start for those getting into the game because they are cheap, versatile and relatively odor free (compared to some of the other baits out there anyway). Of course, you could go down the route of getting a lure.

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The Technique

This is where the thrill of fishing comes in. This is what makes it a sport. It’s the thrill of the hunt. You see, a fisherman’s technique needs to be adapted to catch the fish they are after. Basically, what you need to do is mimic what the fish likes to eat. That’s the only way to maximize your strike rate. For example, fly fishing is a totally different style of fishing to that of bass fishing. So know what is out there, know what you want, and then work on perfecting your technique. This is the part of fishing that will hook you (sorry, worst pun ever).

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