Continual demand for low priced meat has left farmers struggling in recent years. Many are having to work long days for little pay. And, things don’t look set to improve with Trump’s trade war with China rippling into the industry. It’d be fair to say many lifelong farmers are starting to quake in their wellies.

As though politics weren’t enough to throw the industry into dispute, agricultural workers are also dealing with the changing tastes of the nation. We are, of course, talking about veganism. While this was once the reserve of the militant few, 6% of Americans now refer to themselves as vegan. And, this only looks set to increase as people become more concerned about animal welfare and environmental impact. Plus, increased access to meat and dairy alternatives makes this lifestyle more accessible than ever.

But, while some farmers are trying to push the message that meat is best, others are adopting a vegan mindest with open arms. And, it’s possible that’s the best way forward. After all, when you can’t beat the people, you have to join them. And, these farmers are certainly seeing better success than their counterparts. Only time can tell whether that success will stand last for the duration. Right now, though, it seems like every farmer could do with following in their footsteps. But how exactly are these farmers embracing the trend?

A step away from animal products

Perhaps the most obvious option is to step away from animal products. Companies like MKC can help meat farmers move towards crop production. In truth, this a more lucrative option than many farmers realize. Unlike animals, crops require little input before offering rewards. While money per product is less, production like this can drastically cut outward costs. So, many would argue it’s a worthwhile trade. What’s more, this is sure to help farms stay afloat in a world where meat eating is no longer a given. Either way, it’s fair to say that the grass is greener on the green side right now.

Better conditions for animals

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In recent years, the focus has been on cheaper meat, sometimes at the expense of conditions for animals. But, things are shifting the other way. Now, most consumers are willing to pay more for meat raised in humane conditions. As such, farmers could also benefit from focusing on better conditions, even if it does mean raising prices.

Cutting out the middle-man

Aside from just being about cutting animal products, veganism means paying attention to what you eat. And, that means watching where you buy it. As such, farms which sell products straight to customers are thriving right now. Even avid vegans may be willing to buy fresh eggs if they can see chickens in the yard. Many are also willing to eat organic meat products from farmers they trust. So, focusing on a shop space could be the last step to farming success right now. Who knows, this could even change the face of farms in our community.


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