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Whether you’re a small or big business, you have to deliver products and services to the customers. Otherwise, it’s fraud. The problem is that there are lots of issues which make the delivery process very difficult. And, if you’re a small business with little resources, they only exacerbate the situation. Thankfully, there are features that any SME can incorporate to transform the shipping procedure. Even better, none of the following are overly expensive or complicated.

Are you ready? Good, because it’s time to hit the road.


Let’s start off by acknowledging that this is a very sensitive subject. Of course, buying one doesn’t mean that you think your employees are alcoholics. Not at all. What it does mean is that you understand the thin line between having a good time and recovering in time for work. Lots of drivers enjoy their weekend and come in on a Monday morning not legally fit to drive. If they get caught, they are going to need the number of a good DUI defense lawyer. To prevent the trauma for you and your employees, a safety net in the form of a breathalyzer is an excellent option.

Push Bikes

Do you operate in a built up area where the traffic is horrendous? If the answer is yes, your fleet might be harmful rather than helpful. For one thing, they are slowing down your delivery times, and that doesn’t reflect well on the firm. People want their packages as soon as possible, so they judge the companies that don’t hit the brief. Plus, vehicles waste money because they guzzle gas on a daily basis. Bikes don’t require any form of fuel other than elbow grease.  By introducing them into your fleet, you could save money and hit your targets more often. Or, you could invest in a drone instead.

Smart Tracking

Customers want to be able to track their parcels so that they can prepare ahead of time. After all, most companies can’t and shouldn’t give a specific slot. As a result, the package might turn up at an unwelcome time, which means they need to make different arrangements. With the help of a tracker, they can do just that by following its course. Plus, a tracking system is an excellent customer service tool as people don’t call complaining – they just watch it on the tracker. From a business standpoint, it also gives you an overview of the day’s proceedings. Because you can see what is happening, there should be fewer surprises.

Friendly Staff

It’s amazing the effect a smile can have in the delivery industry. Some people might be ready to fly off the handle, yet they will cool down if the driver is friendly. Clearly, there is no need to be rude or defensive because it doesn’t help any situation. As such, it’s essential that you hire people with a welcoming nature. Although they drive and deliver, their personality is one of their biggest attributes. Seriously, these people do reflect well on the company.

Far better than miserable employees anyway.

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