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By Lina Martinez

College may be the time of your life, or it may not. You shouldn’t feel under any pressure to make these few years the most incredible of your life because we can’t control that. The most incredible years of your life may come in your thirties or your forties. Still, whatever the case, the one thing you can control is how useful these college years are to you, and you should see them as extremely useful. This is an opportunity to pave the path to your future, but it’s also an opportunity to socialize, have fun, and meet people who could potentially be your closest friends for years to come. Here are some tips on getting the most out of your college experience.

Don’t narrow down your options.

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You’re young, and you still don’t know what you want out of life. That’s probably a relieving thing to read because it’s what you want to keep shouting at the adults around you who are trying to push you in certain directions. Use college as a chance to figure out which things you do and don’t like, in terms of subject areas and possibly even career options. You shouldn’t jump into any rash decisions because you’ll be a different person in a few years time. Avoid majoring in anything too specific because you don’t want to force yourself into a certain job role at the end of your degree if you change your mind.

Build up your CV.

You may not want to think about jobs when you’ve got a 3 to 5 year course ahead of you because there’s a lot of studying to do before you can think about getting a career. Nonetheless, you don’t want to be caught out after graduation day when you realize that it’s tougher to get a job than you thought. You need to start early when it comes to working on your CV. Having a degree says a lot about your intelligence and commitment to working hard, of course, but an increasing number of people are going to college and getting degrees these days. It takes more than that to make an impression on potential employers.

That’s why you need to continuously edit your resume before you’re even ready to make applications to businesses. You’ll be able to add on all your qualifications, first of all, but then you’ll want to think about what you can add on top of that in terms of experience and interests. Volunteering for things on the college campus could make for good references to add to your CV; if you volunteer for an important cause then that can also be used to highlight your interests to employers. Of course, part-time work is also great experience. You could look into these rewarding Walmart careers if you wanted somewhere to begin. It’s not about relevance to your future career; it’s about proving that you have the willpower to stay committed, focused, and organized within any job role.

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Have fun.

Most of all, have fun. This is a pretty straightforward point. Don’t get too bogged down by work and worrying about the future because this is a special time in your life. You’re surrounded by thousands of your peers and they’re all in the same boat as you. This will be one of the best opportunities in your life to make connections with like-minded people. Again, you don’t have to feel pressured to meet as many people as possible; just have fun with the people you do meet.

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