By Sharon Jones

When you’re running an SME budgetary concerns are never far from your mind. You have to do a lot with a little, and make sure that each design you make positively affects the company cash flow. With that in mind, read the advice below that deals with getting more bang for your buck in the business world.


Getting more bang for your buck with employees can be tough. After all, you don’t want to ask more of them than is reasonable, but at the same time, you want everyone to be working to full capacity and pulling in the same direction for the success of your business.

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One way to ensure that your investment in people is a good one is to pick folks that are interesting in learning about other parts of the business, and willing to be a little bit flexible in their approach. For example, you may have someone working in sales, that is also fascinated by being organized and getting the admin side of things right. If so, you can use this person a bridge between the two departments improving the processes in both, and so getting them to run more efficiently, saving you time and money. All this without having to employ someone separate to come in and audit or consult for a fee.

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As marketing is a rapidly developing area of business, it can be easy to sink a lot of on money into new strategies and technologies without seeing a good return on your dollars.

Combat this by using a company that acts as a middleman to help you deal with web and app advertisement, as well as online marketing. This means you only have to deal with one point of contact, instead of hundreds and you still get access to loads of different ad providers that can disseminate your content and brand materials. Thus reducing your overheads, as well as the time spent on getting the right provider for the markets you are targeting. Something that will definitely allow your buck to have a little more bang.

Business premises

Business premises are notoriously one of the highest costs, and a drain on your finances when running a small business. To deal with this, you can do one of two options.


The first is to look for a premises that isn’t in a premium area, so the fees are lower. This work well for office based companies and ones that don’t rely on customer footfall to generate business. The second option is to embrace remote working. This means abolishing the notion of having a head office, or indeed any office. Letting your employees work wherever they choose, as long as they complete their projects on time.

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Of course, if you do this you will have to brief them on secure networks to ensure that your company and customer data isn’t at risk. Although you can save a fortune on not having to pay any overheads in this way, so the benefits do outweigh the risk.

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