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By Nigel Hilton

You’ve just started your new business, and everything is fresh and new. You’re approaching the launch of your new premises and you need to get your marketing message out there loudly and proudly so that people know you mean business! Trying to stand out in the crowd with your marketing is not an easy feat, but it is one that can be achieved if you do your research. Cutting through the other competitors and getting to your target market can be done, as long as you focus on staying sharp.

Every single day, the public is exposed to new businesses setting up shop on the high street and so pushing through all that new and shiny marketing to get your voice heard means you need to be creative. We’ve put together some ways you can make your marketing message sing as loud as everyone else’s:

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  1. Offer a solution and make it obvious. Customers go to new businesses for a solution and when your service is in demand, half of your marketing is already done and dusted. If you are in high demand, you won’t have to wait around to be noticed. Offer an event to showcase what you can do and how you can meet that demand; do it with stage effects and flashing lights if you must. By showing people that they need you, you can keep your customers coming back for more.
  2. Social media marketing needs to be precise. There is no point in flyering and e-shotting out to the wrong people. If you specify your marketing to your target market only, it’ll be interesting, effective and actually get you the interest that you need from the right people.
  3. Typography and colours matter. Your marketing materials – whether posters or online – have to be bold, bright and eye-catching. You want to have people stop and take notice in what you have to say and how you say it undeniably matters. Advertising needs to be informative as much as it is creative, so don’t be afraid to experiment!
  4. If you haven’t heard of “extreme marketing”, then you need to look at this article. Getting the attention of those around you often means sending out an opposing message. Being negative to grab clicks is a smart way to do this.
  5. Don’t be afraid to go big with your marketing. Is there a billboard in your part of town that’s up for rent? Design your own billboard and purchase the advertising space for it. The number of people you can target simply by doing that can really make a difference to your open day numbers. Rope in the local press, hold a VIP event on social media – whatever it takes.


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Your marketing strategy may not necessarily be thought up by you, especially if you have a team working alongside you. However, as long as everyone is on board with the same message, you can ensure that you get your business message across in style – one that people will talk about for years!


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