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When the majority of us decide to get fit and healthy, we tend to simply join our local gym. Of course, this can prove effective, but it does require a whole lot of self-control. You set your own targets (most people will go easy on themselves) and have nobody but yourself to push you along (which means most of us will do things like complete nine and a half minutes on the running machine rather than our intended ten). You also generally limit yourself to machines, as these are simple to use. If you are serious about your fitness goals, you could really benefit from trying out CrossFit instead! Here’s a little more on the subject!

What Is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a fitness regimen that has been developed over several decades. It focuses on encouraging participants to carry out a variety of functional movements at high intensity. These functional movements combine weightlifting, gymnastics, running, rowing, and more! When you attend, you will be pushed to complete a lot of work over a relatively short period of time. This burst will see you improve your fitness at a much faster rate and build muscle as quickly as possible.

Getting Involved

In order to start up with CrossFit, you will first need to find your local affiliate. This will be run independently by a professional, qualified, and accredited CrossFit trainer. You should then sign up to CrossFit’s website where you will be able to create a profile. If you are wondering what this will look like, take a look at Jack Kautz’ profile here. You will then receive a WOD (workout of the day) update, as well as gain access to referencing the exercises and demos page, which will show you how to learn different movements that are commonly used in workouts.

Working as a Community

When you find your local Crossfit class, you will find that you are welcomed into a community of other individuals with similar fitness goals. There are now over 13,000 members worldwide. This creates natural camaraderie and encourages you to attend classes for the social aspect of the sport as well as individual gain. You needn’t feel intimidated by the concept of working alongside others who may have been attending for a much longer period of time. While CrossFit does challenge the world’s fittest individuals, it has universal scalability and you can start at a low level, working your way up.

As you can see, the gym may be effective, but crossfit provides you with the training, supervision, and team spirit that can really see you make big steps forward in your fitness levels. So, find your local affiliate today and get your CrossFit journey started!

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