By Troy Lambert

It’s time for NFL football, and fans in the United States are gearing up, doing everything from ordering single game tickets to hats, jerseys, and foam fingers declaring that their team is number one.

This year, there are a few other things fans should be doing to get ready. Here is a short checklist for you.
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Is This Just Fantasy?

That’s right, training camp and pre-season is the time to pay attention to just who you want to add to your fantasy roster. Whether you are looking for bragging rights in the office or winning the fantasy pool every week and banking some skrilla, the draft is right around the corner, and you don’t want to be that guy whose starting running back is benched for the first four games of the season.

Place Your Bets

Okay, it is true that unless you live in Nevada, Oregon, Montana, or Delaware sports betting is technically illegal in the United States. Two things: that might change this October when the Supreme Court will rule on whether the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act is unconstitutional or not; and even former President Obama said he would pardon himself if he were caught betting on sports.

So go ahead and lay your wager down. According to the NFL is the most gambled on sport worldwide, and if your state has a lottery, it might finally be legal for you to join the action this football season.

Get Your Healthy Snack On

No one wants to enlarge their team’s fan base by simply eating too many Cheetos and increasing the size of their own backfield, but it is hard to avoid during football season, when you really want to just sit and watch your team succeed.

So if you are going to snack (and you are, trust me), you need to choose your snack foods wisely. Reach for healthier choices like veggie trays and low-fat, low-calorie snacks rather than an extra-large stuffed crust pizza with a side of three bean nachos.

Besides the fact that even Febreeze and the best-filtered HVAC system in the world can’t fix the end results of that, and you might be watching the game alone if you keep that up.

Over to You, Gym

Most people who actually drink the beer depicted on beer commercials don’t look like the actors in the commercials. The reason? They haven’t seen the inside of a gym since high school PE class.

Unless you want to find yourself on People of Walmart when your fan jersey and your sweats can no longer keep up with your NFL expansion, you need to make time to work out during the season. It’s tough, because it’s winter and cold outside, but remember your reluctance to go to the gym when you are making fun of Miami playing in Green Bay in January

Football season is just around the corner, and it is past time to get ready to enjoy the great American pastime. (See what I did there?). So gear up, get ready, place your bets, get your snack on, and don’t forget your friend gym. It’s going to be another great season.

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