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Running a business isn’t all about focusing on personal gain.  Giving something back to your community can have its own benefits, including boosting employee morale and customer trust. There are lots of ways in which you can integrate social responsibility into your business model. Here are just five ways in which you can give back as a business.

Donate money to charity

Giving money to charity is the most obvious way of giving back. There are lots of ways to donate money to charity. You could accept donations from customers using services as found at or you could get employees to donate money. This could involve organising a fundraising event or collecting money in a donation jar. You could even donate a percentage of your profits on a weekly or monthly basis. It’s important to find a cause that personally appeals to you – you could work with an existing charity or create your very own charity in which you have more control over where your money ends up.

Go green

Another way of giving back could be to embrace a few eco-friendly ideas. By going paperless or using solar power instead of fossil fuels, you could help to give back to the environment. Going green can also save you money in many cases, whether its cutting out the cost of buying paper or preventing you from ever having to pay an energy bill again. It’s also good for your public reputation – many modern consumers are environmentally conscious and respect companies that take steps to save the planet. You can discovers ways to make your business green by reading blogs online.

Share your expertise

Sharing your expertise could be another way of giving back. This could include organising a seminar to help teach skills to fellow budding professionals. You could also share your expertise through blog posts or through Youtube videos. Sharing your knowledge can be great for your credibility, helping to gain trust from customers. Companies like offer more advice on how to share your expertise.

Support your local community

You may also be able to give back by supporting projects and causes in your local community. There may be startups that could use your funding or construction projects that need financial backing. You may also be able to use your influence to promote events and projects in your neighbourhood that you think deserve the attention.

Reward your employees

Rewarding your employees could be another way of giving back to society. Beyond offering good wages, there could be incentives you could offer to improve your employees’ quality of life such as gym discounts, free meals or even a company car. Such rewards can encourage employees to stay within your company as well as motivating them to be more productive.  


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