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Golf is boring. Or at least that is the impression that a lot of people still seem to have of this fine sport. Actually, for golf lovers it is quite the opposite. Not only is it not boring, it holds some natural advantages over many other sports that you could try out. Still not convinced? Here are some reasons why golf is a simply sublime sport.

People of All Ages Can Play

Many sports are designed solely for the young and ridiculously fit. But golf is the kind of sport that you can get into at any age, and many older players still find themselves giving the young guns a run for their money. Indeed, the rise of par 3 golf means that the playing field is leveled even further as the initial long drive is taken out of the game, instead drawing focus on chipping and putting.

It is a Very Social Sport


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Golf is the kind of game that is enjoyed over the timeframe of several hours, so it allows for plenty of socializing with your fellow players. While many sports are way too intense to allow for a great deal of chitchat, golf is the kind of game that gives you the chance to discuss other things, while also engaging in some good natured banter about your own abilities! That is why so many business people love the sport and find it is a great way to make lasting connections and forge new relationships while still getting a workout.

No Sport Has Better Equipment (Or Clothing)

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Let’s face it; golf clothes are pretty darn snazzy! Nowhere else would you get away with wearing plaid trousers, a colorful polo shirt, sweater vest and sun visor! Buying new equipment is also a very satisfying activity. You can spend a great deal of time assembling your bag with the clubs that suit you. And there is plenty of advice online on websites such as to give a helping hand. With so much equipment out there to improve your game, it really is a constant work in progress which is half the fun!


It Gets You Out in the Great Outdoors

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While many sports live you confined to a sweaty sports center, golf is the kind of sport that gets you out into the fresh air. And while it is always nicest on a warm sunny day, you can still play when the conditions aren’t at their finest. As well as this, you can vary courses so you get a change of scenery from time to time. Some of the best golf courses really do give you the best of the great outdoors.

You Can Compete With Players of Different Ability

Whereas the vast majority of sports require you to find people of a similar ability to yourself or the whole thing becomes vastly unfair, the handicap system in golf means that people of varying skill levels can all play together in the same round. As well as this, you have a clearly defined ability level that you can always work to improve wherever possible.

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