Every time a woman goes into business for herself, she’s making a statement whether she’s aware of it or not. She’s telling the world that she’s not prepared to accept the fundamental inequalities which still plague the world of work. She’s showing the world that she’s not prepared to wait centuries for the gender pay gap to finally close. Moreover, she’s setting an example for her kids and for an entire generation of little girls. She’s showing them that when the deck is stacked against them, it’s time to get a new deck and play the career game on their own terms. These resourceful, brave and all-round fabulous ladies, after they’ve broken the mold must be careful not to falter as a result of their own success. As their businesses prosper, thrive and grow they must be sure that they are well positioned to grow in sustainable ways so that her enterprise doesn’t trip over its own feet or collapse under its own weight.

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When you’re just starting out, it’s easy to assume that growth is an inevitability; a natural consequence of doing what you do well. The truth, however, is that growth needs to be carefully managed. Just like any aspect of business, there is huge scope for things to go wrong. That’s why if you want to grow your business like a diva, you’ll have to avoid the common mistakes made by lesser entrepreneurs…

Make sure your tech support is scalable

Whatever the nature of your business, it’s likely that you rely on technology on a daily basis to keep your business afloat and facilitate its many functions. As your business grows, so too will it place increasing demands on your IT infrastructure. This is why outsourcing an IT Consulting and Strategy business is vital in making your growth sustainable and manageable. They will be able to implement scalable solutions that grow in accordance with the needs of your business without the disruption caused by overhauling systems or training employees in the use of new tech.

Keep a close eye on the numbers

Few of us have all that much of a head for numbers. Heck, many entrepreneurs don’t. But the great thing about numbers is that they don’t lie. As your business becomes more and more successful it’s numbers like sales figures or online engagement stats that tell you that growth is necessary. But these numbers can also tell you that your spending is disproportionate to your growth.

Make sure that your standards do not slip

As your business rises to accommodate increased consumer demand, this will inevitably place more strain on your business’ infrastructure and your employees. If you’re not careful, this will cause your standards to drop. Your employees’ increased workloads may prevent them from giving the kind of customer service upon which you built your reputation or you may not be able to deliver the same quality of product. In this instance, it’s essential that you invest where necessary to ensure that your customers enjoy a continuity of service despite your increased workload.

Navigate these pitfalls and you’ll stride through the challenges of business growth like a diva!

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