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We all know that taking steps towards going green can help the environment, but still many companies struggle to make the change. Part of it is not knowing how to implement meaningful change, but some of it is worry about profit margins and the bottom line. 

Making business changes that hurt the sustainability of your business is not a smart move, but going green doesn’t mean losing your profit margin. Here are some ways you can be more environmentally friendly while actually saving money for your business. 

Go Paperless

One of the easiest ways to get started if you don’t know where to begin is to make less paper purchases. You can start going paperless by using Cloud networks and scan the important documents you need. Having these available on the Cloud for all employees means less copies are made and it is an easier and safer way to store documents. You are not only helping the environment, but you are streamlining your efficiency and reducing your overhead costs. 

Reusable Items

Another easy way to implement some environmentally friendly options for your business is to use more reusable products instead of disposable ones. Using these reusable items will prevent the disposable counterparts from ending up in landfills or as litter, but there are also benefits for your business. You can use insulated bags or shopping totes with your logo on it to promote your business. Customers will likely use these options if they are made available to them. 

Water Dispensing Systems

Bottled water is a huge source of waste that ends up polluting the planet. Many businesses will offer customers bottled water while they are at their building, but this is not the most effective way of providing a service. 

Installing a water filtration and dispensing system to be used by customers and employees is a better way to provide water while still helping the environment. While there will be some upfront cost associated with installing this system, in the long run you will save money not having to buy endless supplies of bottled water to have on hand all the time. 

Utility Costs

One big expense for businesses is the cost of utilities for the building. Renewable energy is a great way to cut costs, but is not always available for all businesses to implement. Smaller steps you can take towards lowering your utility usage is to install energy-efficient fixtures with LED light bulbs. These bulbs may last up to twenty years, so less cost for you. They also use less energy, so a win for Mother Nature also. 

Tax Credit

Not only will becoming more environmentally friendly help the world, but it can often be used as tax credit. You can take tax credits for energy efficiency, reduced emissions, solar energy, and other ways to go green. Doing this can save you money when it comes to your taxes. 


Going green is also a great way to attract potential investors. A good investment is a company that works to reduce their overhead and cares about giving back. Going green shows investors that you are committed to both your own business, but also the world as a whole.  

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