Running a business is, honestly, not too hard once you’re set up. It’s all about maintaining order, pitching new ideas and occasionally trying something out of your comfort zone that can help improve your company.

That’s really the only secret to running a thriving business. You need to be consistent, you need to balance everything and you need to occasionally take a risk if you want to grow. However, one aspect of business that few entrepreneurs put an emphasis on is communication.

In this article, we’ll be discussing what it means to focus on better communication, how businesses can benefit from it, and also give you some practical advice to try for your own company.

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What is “better” communication?

Most businesses suffer from a lack of communication. This means that they’re often slow to respond to customer feedback, it takes them a long time to adapt to trends, and it can also mean that they suffer because they can’t keep up with other companies. A lack of communication can also make inter-business discussions difficult, meaning that good ideas can be pushed aside for trivial issues if the workflow isn’t optimized.

Better communication refers to optimizing these processes. This can be achieved by using a unified communications platform and it can also help to teach your employees how to communicate ideas more effectively throughout the business. It’s both a technological and workflow issue that can, thankfully, easily be solved.

Benefiting from better communication

One of the biggest benefits of improving your communication is being able to listen to customer feedback. It means being able to take their ideas on board, their criticism and even their complaints so that you can refine your product and services to fit their needs.

Improving communications within the business also gives you some enticing benefits. For instance, making communications within your company smoother and more streamlined means that ideas can be transferred quickly, optimizations can be implemented faster and you’ll learn to adapt as a team. This means ideas are more likely to grow and your staff can be better informed about decisions in the workplace, ultimately leading to more transparency.

Practical ideas to improve communication

Here are some practical ideas to help you improve communications in your business.

  • Set up social media accounts and assign someone to be a dedicated community manager that relays the thoughts and concerns of your audience.
  • Respond to your audience on social media, reply to emails and listen to their criticism and complaints instead of ignoring it (or blindly following it!).
  • Hold regular, but short, meetings to relay ideas, goals and progress towards goals.
  • Make information more accessible. Focus on improving transparency instead of withholding information that can affect your employees.
  • Strengthen your networks by being more social. You don’t need to attend parties and meetings every day, but it helps to attend trade shows and accept interview requests from media outlets.

As you can see, communication plays an incredibly important part in your business and it’s crucial that you focus on it as one of the pillars of your company.

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