By Emily Olsen

Sexism is a problem rooted in American culture and in the business culture that has developed around it. It has been a part of our DNA for a very long time, and it is something that we want to change as soon as we possibly can. Stories have come out from some of the big technology players such as Uber that have continued to highlight how sexual harassment continues to survive in our modern world and how some people are clearly just not worried enough about it.

Silicon Valley Needs To Step Up

It is amazing to see how much Silicon Valley pats itself on the back for being innovative and coming up with cutting-edge things before everyone else. They say that they are doing all of these wonderful things, but then some of the oldest problems that the country has ever faced continue to show up at the workplace of people in Silicon Valley.

A big part of the problem is the ratio of men to women who are hired to perform certain roles. The men who are hired are often highly qualified, but the truth is they get an upper hand by simple virtue of the fact that they are men. It is more likely that the person who is interviewing them for the job is also male and can relate better to the potential candidate for hire.

Sexual Harassment And Social Hiring

Sexual harassment is another thing that Silicon Valley and the rest of the country have been grappling with more lately as stories about Harvey Weinstein and others have drifted to the surface. It has meant that many people have had no choice but to hear more about these topics than they ever did in the past.

Those who are hiring for industry should try to realize that they can use social hiring as a tool in their battle to avoid issues with sexual harassment farther down the line. The truth is that those who are the most likely to harass are often kind enough to reveal themselves through their words and actions on social media. If you dig a little deeper into your potential hiring pool using a platform like FAMA to perform a social media background check you will often find warning signs that may help you avoid getting the wrong person for the job.

What Are The Warning Signs?

There are often warning signs everywhere when it comes to a person who may be a harasser. If they are someone who people say has harassed before, then you probably want to avoid them. At the same time, a person who clearly has a disregard for the thoughts and feelings of another is someone worth staying away from. Any signs of bullying should be noted right away as well. These are all common markers that indicate that a person may be prepared to do things that would not only reflect poorly on your company but might also make it more difficult for other employees to feel welcomed and comfortable at their place of work. These are all critically important issues to address right away. You can give yourself the edge you need by reviewing social media accounts of anyone and everyone that you are considering hiring for a job working for your company. It is not only something that you are allowed to do, but it is also something that you ought to do.


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