When it comes to science, genetics has by far made the largest impact on biology as well as other parts of society. When we look at the uses of genetic engineering in the world, there is certainly a lucrative opportunity for growth. 

Today we want to explore genetic engineering in all of its forms and also think about the benefits it can bring to every aspect of our lives from medicine, to business, to crime. 

To solve crimes 

One of the biggest and most important use of genetic engineering and research is the development of methods to catch criminals. Crime is rife in the world, and some crimes go without justice because the evidence gathered by police cannot be substantiated. When it comes to missing people or murder, unsolved crimes are common and DNA testing can change this. The availability of great DNA technology makes all the difference to families and victims and can be a driving force for good. 


We all know what GM foods are, and these have been utilised by farmers for years to help aid in the nutritional value of foods, the disease resistance, and the size and aesthetic value. There are many ways that agriculture uses genetic engineering for success and this changes the crops we have access to. For example, Bacterium, Bacillus thurenginesis is a microorganism that produces protein that is toxic to insects. By coding for this protein and growing produce that contains it, it will keep insects away and allows crops to thrive. 


Perhaps the first thing we think about when considering genetic engineering is its application in the medical world. As we explore medicine in more detail, the use of genetic engineering becomes clear in several ways. One way is in the use of animal testing using genetically engineered knockout mice for certain applications. Another is to utilise microorganisms and manipulate their genome so that they produce large quantities of chemical drugs to fight off disease. By creating a carrier virus or bacterium, scientists can inject this and it works as an active treatments for all manner of patients. 


When thinking about something such as genetic engineering, the last thing you likely expect to see is energy production. However, new technologies are being constantly developed that allow energy to be created and utilised for a number of jobs. Bioengineering is a popular way to do this and by creating biofuel crops with higher yield this allows us to use biofuel for longer and more efficiently. 


There are many unique industries in the world that genetic engineering can lend a hand to, and the production of chemicals to be used for multiple applications is one example. As we stated earlier, microorganisms can be genetically manipulated to produce large quantities of certain chemicals and this can massively reduce the cost of synthesis. 

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