Expert Advice on Lowering Insurance Premiums

by Sharon Jones

When it comes to home insurance, whether it’s for a modest house or a multi-acre mansion, homeowners need to loosen the purse strings and pay the premiums as they come. After all, you get what you pay for.

However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t practical things you can do to lower your home insurance premiums without sacrificing the service you’re getting. In fact, think of these money-saving tips as a reward from your insurance provider because you’re helping yourself maintain a safe home and keeping them from giving you huge payouts for easily avoidable tragedies.

We asked some expert HO6 (condo insurance) and home insurance providers in Florida about what they think are the best ways for people to lower their premiums. Here’s what we found out:

A Security System Goes a Long Way

A centralized burglar alarm (or one that’s tied directly to your local police) is a great way to lower your homeowner’s annual premiums. In fact, some insurance providers might even go as high as a 5% deduction, and in rare cases, can go even higher.

For condo owners, most condo insurance providers will give out lower condo insurance quotes if they feel like the condo building is set in a nice neighborhood, or if the building has adequate security systems in place.

While smoke alarms are pretty much standard (not to mention required) in modern houses and condos, installing one in older structures can save you a whopping 10% on annual premiums. Add dead-bolts, sprinkler systems, CO2 detectors, and even weatherproofing measures, and you can drastically reduce your insurance premiums while maintaining the same quality of protection from your provider.

Multiple Policies Can Mean Discounts

Note: this isn’t always true, as some insurance companies might not give a discount for multiple policy holders, but many insurance providers around the country are willing to give up to a 15% discount to customers who hold more than one policy.

This means collating all your insurance contracts with the same company: i.e., choosing a single provider for your auto, health, and homeowners insurance. Some insurance providers, when they see they have a loyal customer, might reward that loyalty by giving you huge premium discounts for your continued patronisation of their services.

Get Your Mortgage in Order

We understand that this isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but trust us: pay off your mortgage and you will see a drastic drop in your premiums. How much exactly of a deduction is dependent on your policy and your provider, but many insurance companies do offer very big discounts on properties that you’ve paid off.

And it makes sense: insurance companies believe that, if you owned a property 100%, you’re more likely to take care of it, which in turn, lowers their risks of payouts. It’s a win-win for everyone, really.

Always Compare and Review Your Policy

Even after your initial purchase, it’s always a good idea to review your policy every year and compare it with other providers. But even if you’re happy with your current homeowners insurance provider, review your policy anyway and see if there are things you can improve in your home that could effectively lower your premiums, like home repairs or a well-kept lawn free of debris, or any small improvements that show your provider that your house is safe and cared for.

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