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It’s a trick question, right? Bricks and mortar stores can’t be successful in 2018 because of eCommerce. Shoppers don’t want to drive down to their local shop, pay for parking and usher the kids around the mall. Everybody would prefer to open their laptop and start shopping without the added hassle.

Although it’s true that eCommerce has taken over, there has been a swing in the pendulum recently. Stores are getting popular again as the rise of hackers and the generic online experience is scary and boring in equal measure.

Still, the old methods won’t work. To open a booming store in the 21st century, these are the bases you must cover.

Online Presence

Ironically, the branding will begin online because that is where the majority of traffic exists today. Opening a store in the middle of town and hoping passers-by spot the signs isn’t going to be effective. Not only are there not enough people to make significant conversions, but you can’t target the right audience. Nowadays, the successful high street stores start life as an eCommerce website and build up a base. Then, after they have the profits and customer base, they expand into malls and onto the street. Think about how cheap and hassle-free it is to start an online business.


Running a digital presence and a physical one is tough because they are direct competitors. Some customers will prefer the website and others will like the store. However, it’s essential that there is a drive to the bricks and mortar site, in the beginning, to raise awareness and boost traffic. Not to favor one over the other, but you should attempt to divert people into the store rather than through the digital doors. To do this, give them discounts and promotions that only exists in-store. It’s incredible how far shoppers will commute for 10% off.

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Once the consumers are in the space, it’s crucial to make a connection. To let them wander around without investing in the experience will make the expansion a dud. However, people hate being followed and forced into a purchase, so it’s important to be subtle. Thankfully, scent marketing is on hand as smell affects 75% of a person’s daily emotions. Click here for more. Music is another way to create an atmosphere your base will love. There’s a reason sneaker stores play the hippest, newest beats around: it’s because their demographic is into the tunes. And, they need to appear current.

Beta Test

Online shopping and browsing bricks and mortar stores have some similarities. One of them is that customers hate buying things and then returning them. It’s why physical shops are becoming popular again because shoppers don’t want to waste their time with websites which falsely advertise. Still, returns happen if there is nowhere to try on clothes beforehand or if they are an afterthought. Make sure there’s enough room in the store for four or five them and police it so that shoppers don’t take too long.

Online retailers might be in front right now, but physical stores are here to stay. And, with these tips, so will yours.

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