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Flexible working is increasingly popular but some managers are still averse to the idea. They believe that flexible working is difficult to monitor, could cause problems with productivity and may set a bad precedent. 

So what do you do when you know flexible working could really help you out and even give you a chance to do your job better? You take these 3 persuasive arguments to your boss. 

The Right Infrastructure Makes Monitoring Easy

With cloud solutions, it’s easy to keep everyone’s work in the same place, making team collaboration easy, even when everyone is in different locations. Indeed, there are plenty of IT solution you could see more about. Lots of companies are now begin set up specifically to help others become more flexible so there are plenty of options. 

When you have the right policies in place, it’s very easy for managers to keep track of all their team and check in when necessary. This way, they don’t need to worry about you sitting on your emails and watching TV all day – they know that you are making strong progress. Indeed, they will be able to monitor your work and watch you thrive. 

Improve Your Work/ Life Balance

Cutting the amount of time you are in the office is a good way to improve your work/ life balance. So, if you have to take your kids to school in the morning, instead of being late, with flexible working, you can add hours to the end of the day or even make them up the following week. 

Improving your work/ life balance should also improve your overall health. Imagine how great it would be if people could work from home with a cold instead of sharing it around the office? Flexible working means that people can also avoid burnout, taking time when they need it and making it up later.

Drive Innovation

One of the best benefits of flexible working is that it empowers employees to make the most of their jobs. This way, they can be more creative, are more likely to have good ideas and will be able to take more responsibility for their work. All of these things are the main drivers behind innovation. They won’t just benefit the business as a whole; they will push it forward. 

When people feel empowered and excited about their role, they are much more likely to take it seriously and do a good job. It’s also true that when people can choose when and where they work, they are more likely to choose an environment that benefits the outcomes. So, if someone works best wearing their pjs on the sofa at 4pm, that’s when they will work and thrive.

Not all jobs are suitable for flexible working but some flexibility should be manageable in most. By presenting your case to your manager, and by showing them how the business as a whole can be improved, you stand a better chance of getting what you want. Remember, though – you have to hold up your end of the bargain for this to work! 

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