By Lina Martinez

Is the belt on your trousers starting to feel a bit tighter? The simple truth is that your waistline is growing. If you’re happy with that then great but your health may be suffering because of it. If you let yourself get to a stage where you are clinically obese then it could result in an early death. So how are you going to go about changing that other than promising yourself you’ll try harder and let everyone know you’ve made up a silly New Year’s resolution. Here’s how…

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Be honest with yourself

If you need to replace the Casters on your office desk chair then it may be time to think about losing some weight. If they’ve completely collapsed in on themselves then that’s a pretty good sign you should have started doing so,etching about it yesterday. It’s often difficult to be brutally honest with yourself but it’s a necessary evil. Find some scales and do a quick bit of research into what a healthy BMI for someone your height and weight should be. If you’re tipping just over the edge then he first step is getting yourself a diet plan.

You are what should eat

That’s right, if you’re stuffing pizza and cheeseburgers down your throat then washing away the sins with fizzy drinks then you’ll be gaining pounds at lightning speed. The opposite of what you want right? A well balanced diet doesn’t just mean five a day. Extreme cases are cause for extreme measures. You really will have to start counting your calories. A great way of doing this is to prepare your food with a weekly plan and stick to it. Deny yourself those in-between meal time snacks and say no to those sweet after dinner time treats. If you’re clueless when it comes to what to eat then it could be in your best interest to seek advice from a nutritionist. Find out what’s actually good for you. There’s lots online about diet and health.

Time break a sweat

If your not already sweating at the idea of a diet plan then you soon will be. Dust of that gym membership card and put it to use. Exercise can be as simple as walking. If your doing it daily it will all add up. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t see change immediately. These things take time and your already stepping yourself in the right direction. Sports are another great way of getting out the house, losing a few pounds and making some great friends in the process. Have a look online if there are any clubs near you that host your favourite sport. People are always looking for new members to build up the team. If you’ve got kids then why not help out or join a team together.

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Don’t leave it till tomorrow or say you’ll start next week. Start now and give your body the best chance it can get. Your fit future self won’t be able to thank you enough.

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