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When it comes to business, we can often need all the help we can get. As an entrepreneur, it can be so tempting to want to do everything yourself. The idea that someone else could take control away from you means that you don’t have the capacity to accept that it might thrive instead of fail. But, all good businesses need people to help make their businesses more of a success. Often we can be influenced by people, whether online or in their presence, and it can be a positive thing. Here are some of the ways you can be influenced.

Influenced by family

When it comes to business, it can be difficult to not be influenced by your family members. Sometimes you are influenced because you work in the family business, or that your mother or father has seen you as a prodigy to them, the person that will step into their shoes. A little like Belinda Stronach, for example. Family businesses or having them be a big influence in your business can be hard to handle, but sometimes there can be some solid advice and decent past experience to acknowledge. You might also be influenced by parents who are desperate for you to want to be better than them, and more of a success. It can happen, but you need ot remember to choose your own path.

Influenced by social media

Your business can be heavily influenced by social media, especially if you take notice of what your competitors are up to. You may notice that they share things in a different way. Or that they try and do things differently to you, and so you want to capitalise on that. You might also be influenced by people who are not in your line of work, but just happen to do social media marketing well. There is a lot of positives that you can take from it, but you might also need to remember that you don’t want to be sucked in or to copy other content.

Influenced by peers in your business niche

Heading to networking events can be really good for you and your business, but you also run the risk of it being something where you feel pressured by your peers. Everyone will always talk a good game. They will always big themselves up and talk positively about themselves and their business, and you could be easily sucked in by this. This is when you are influenced, but perhaps not in the best possible way.

Influenced by past experiences

Finally, there is no denying that you may be influenced by your past experiences. These are the things that can help you to make better and wiser choices in the future. They are also the things that can help you to be more aware about the steps you do need to take. Never regret your past and the experiences that you have and use them as lessons to learn for the future.

Let’s hope this help you to be more aware of the influences you have for you and your business.

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