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So you want to start off in investment? Perhaps you have left a sizable amount of cash, or maybe you saved it up yourself. Investment is the way to go. You can increase your money if you are careful and invest in the right areas of business. This means doing your research and knowing where your money is going. This isn’t like TV, where people place money somewhere and end up with millions. There is a significant risk to certain investments like hedge funds and stocks. As such, this article only highlights the safer kinds of investment. The ones where money is easier to make as long as you are careful. You can make a living from investment, no doubt. You just need to be careful and appropriate. These tips can help you make the right decision as to what stream you want to focus on. Good luck in your investment endeavors!


Investing in property is one of the better ways to go. You can approach it in different ways. You can buy to let. Meaning you can earn a passive income from renters. Or you can buy, make improvements and sell at a profit. When you are looking for houses for sale you need to ensure they tick certain boxes. This means you need to do extensive research into the area as well as just the home. Local amenities, any more projects that could lower the home’s value, etc. You must do this otherwise you are opening yourself up to loss. For your first investment stick to where you know best. When you get a flair for the game you can start moving out to other areas and taking advantage of more opportunities.




This isn’t in the investment of gold in the stock markets. Instead, it is in the actual purchasing of solid gold. This is a great investment to make at the moment, as the value of gold seems to be climbing ever higher. The trick is to buy low and sell high. You need to ensure that you find a reliable sales branch and that the gold is pure and stamped. Now you just hang onto it until the value rises. Traditionally this is in the summer when the investors all go on holidays and stop buying it, meaning the price raises. But you can’t rely on this to be true all the time, so keep an eye on it.



Certificate Of Deposit

Commonly known as CD’s, these enable you to place middling to large amounts of cash into savings accounts for high interest rates. Banks offer these because they like you to invest your money for long periods of time usually ranging from a year to two. However, you cannot touch this money during the term of agreement. If you do you will lose any interest already accrued. So before investing be sure you don’t need the money for the given time. Also, don’t just invest with your bank. Have a look around for the bank or society that offers the highest rate of interest first. This way you get more money when the term comes to a close.




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