The eternal question about technology has been first asked by sci-fi authors:

Is technology the surest sign that humanity is going to survive into the future or is technology going to be the end of humanity?

More recently the late Stephen Hawking also shares his worried about the future of mankind, stating that the end might be coming a lot sooner than expected as a result of our love of technology. While it would be unfair to dismiss technology as the evil of all root – after all, don’t you rely on technology right now to read this article? –, it is also important to be realistic about the use we make of it. For better or for worse, technology is a part of everybody’s life. Without denying the increasing risks of creating machines that capable of self-learning, it can be useful to explore how people can make technology a tool of self-improvement, rather than a gadget that thinks for you.

Google driverless car

Are high tech cars better drivers?

When still recently the news related fatalities as the result of self-driving vehicles, , it can be tricky to talk about safety in the car. However, it wouldn’t be fair to reject the idea that cars can’t be equipped to look after their passengers in the best possible way. In fact, modern vehicles are already packed with gadgets and high tech features that make sure to reduce the risk of accidents for drivers. The process of creating a driverless vehicle is still to reach a positive and satisfactory conclusion. However, you can expect current trials and errors to feed the inventions of tomorrow. The idea is that the mistakes of today can be the success of tomorrow, as long as it pushes people to become more innovative and adaptive. In the long term, in a world where all cars are driverless, mobility, traffic jams, and road rage could be eradicated from the planet.

Increasing kids curiosity

Does technology make people more intelligent? Perhaps not exactly. But tech gadgets can encourage user’s scientific curiosity. A child playing with remote-controlled toys can gain an interest in electronics. A child who is introduced to remote drones – you can find here the best beginner guide for drones – can explore the marvels of physics as well, as it’s a natural thing that to wonder how to toy can fly. There is no guarantee that every kid who plays with tech items will learn from them, but an early introduction can lead to a desire to find out more.

Pique kids’ curiosity

Solving problems by yourself

You might not be an IT genius, but there is no age to take on a hobby. Raspberry Pi, for instance, has developed a child-friendly computer to encourage the young generation to get creative. However, as more and more adults are buying starting kits and discovering a new passion, the world is flooded with cool and creative inventions. In 2017, a developer set with his Raspberry Pi a one-click button to start playing your favorite playlist – perfect for a children’s party.

Is tech a blessing or a curse? It’s an open question. But the introduction of technology into our lives has helped more and more people to learn new skills and improve their knowledge. In that sense, tech is indeed making us better.

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