Is your job safe from the robot invasion? No, we aren’t talking about Daleks, Replicants, and Terminators invading your workspace! Rather, we are referring to computers and automated machines that are replacing much of our workforce around the world. According to this study, one in three workers will see their jobs replaced partly or entirely by some kind of artificial intelligence somewhere around 2030.

Should you panic now?

Yes and no! In some cases, computers and other AI devices are making jobs easier. Those of you working in an office-based job will understand this, as there are now many advanced AI tools at your disposal to make light work of mundane and time-consuming tasks. The same is true of the construction industry where automated workers make light work of many jobs requiring physical labor. However, in both industries, there are complex tasks, decisions, and customer interactions that still require human intervention. You can breathe easy if you hold a job in these fields…for now!

On the other hand, if you work in the manufacturing industry, your job may be at risk. Many jobs have already been replaced by machines. The same is true of the transportation industry. There are more examples here of those industries where job security is questionable. In some of these cases, robots are collaborative, so human and machine can work together hand-in-hand. But it might only be a matter of time before machines take the priority, as in the long-term, it might be cheaper for a company to implement them in favor of hiring extra human employees.

So, what should you do?

If you are in a job that is at risk (see the link above), you might consider waiting before jumping ship into something else entirely. Research your industry and speak to other professionals to gather an opinion on how safe your job is. However, if you have already noticed redundancies, and have seen colleagues replaced by something automated, it’s worth considering the options below.

Some careers are safe, and if you aren’t in them already, you might want to think about the transition. These job roles include those in creative fields – writing, marketing, graphic design – and people-focussed jobs, such as teaching, nursing, and social work. There are other high-paying fields here that might be considered safe.

To ensure you survive the robot invasion, therefore, you might want to consider going back to school to retrain for a new career. Take these MSW schools online, for example, as a route into social work. You might also want to learn those skills in your current job that robots are not yet able to perform adequately, as this might save you from redundancy. Alternatively, you might escape the rat race altogether and start your own business. There is some advice here on things you need to know before you do.

So you see, there are options open to you, so while the risk of a robot invasion is a frightening prospect for some workers, there are ways to combat the threat. Pay attention to what is going on around you, consider your job security, and if you do need to take action, start putting something in place to futureproof your place in the workforce.

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