Moving can be exciting. A new house, perhaps in a new area, offers a wide range of reasons to be enthused. This is particularly true if you are upgrading or moving because of a career advancement. Even if you are downgrading to save money and reduce the responsibility of a larger home, you want to find local movers to keep the transition isn’t smooth. Whether you are moving from Phoenix, Arizona all the way to Tacoma or simply across town, you have issues to deal with. Either way, you’d want to find the best moving companies in Phoenix to make your move less stressful. Finding the right movers is essential to keeping your moving exciting rather than daunting. As you prepare for you move keep some of these things in mind:


Even though you are making the right choice of hiring professional movers, do your part. Label boxes (what’s inside the box, what room it goes in and what season it’s for all add up to better arrivals). Pack fragile items with padding (Don’t leave your favorite vase or that sculpture from your grandchild for the movers to treat gently). Get rid of things you no longer want or need (take this opportunity to eliminate clutter).

Do Advanced Scouting

Find out what the traffic is like in your new location. Then, you won’t miscalculate and end up at work late the first day after your move (STRESS!). Find out where you want to grab your coffee, the route you want to drive to work or to drop the kids off at school.

The Little Things

Make sure you know where your keys are. You don’t want to show up locked out of your new home. Forward your mail (change of address form at the post office). Make sure you tell your friends and family you are moving (maybe host a housewarming party).

Moving can be exciting or stressful. How you handle to move is what makes the difference. Take the time to do the right things: hire movers, organize and take care of those pesky details. When you do, your move stays in the exciting column instead of becoming a stressful mess.

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