Keeping fit is something that is great for us both mentally and physically. However, not everyone can stretch to a weekly personal trainer or even a monthly gym membership. Before you get tied into a long-term payment plan, take a look at these easy and cheap ways to keep fit – without the gym.

First things first. Take a look at your diet. You probably should be seeking advice from your doctor or a qualified dietician about what will show long-term results. And, it should be something that will keep you fuelled on those workouts too. If you just don’t want to wait, then you can start by cutting out refined sugars and take-out foods. While it might be tempting to flop down on to the couch and order a pizza, think about what you want to achieve and head to the kitchen to make something nutritionally sound.

Up your water intake. You probably think you are having enough liquids in the day, but swap some of that coffee for some water. If you are partial to fizzy drinks, just think about how much sugar you are consuming with each sip. There is nothing that will help your work out like water. If you get bored of the flavor of water, add some fruit for a refreshing twist.

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Check out some mobile phone applications. There are plenty of phone applications that are free to download and come brimming with great workouts. You might like to find one that has a low subscription fee. If you do, make sure you have used the app a few times a week for a couple of months before you invest any money. The aim here is to get happy and healthy as cheaply as possible.

Start running. To do this one you don’t really need much more than a supportive pair of trainers. You might like to plan your route in advance. For example, places with uneven surfaces can be dangerous for new runners, you might suffer a trip or a fall, as well as setting your goal back, you’re probably going to need a personal injury law firm to deal with any losses you’ll make while injured. You can put a great playlist together, and head out whenever you have time. Start slowly and build up to more.

Join local sports teams. If you are a bit of a team player and prefer to hang out and be social, then joining your local basketball or soccer team is going to be great for you. If you happen to join a team that competes often, then you might need to spend some cash on the uniform and perhaps any training. If you join a team that participates for fun, you can probably wear whatever you like and take part in sessions for free.

Walk a bit more. Often we are stuck on public transport or behind the wheel of a car. If this sounds like you then maybe you want to start walking a bit more instead. It is simple, free, and a great way to up your fitness levels little by little.

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