Remote workers are a fantastic way to cut costs, allow flexibility, and ensure that the business machine keeps on running at all times. However, with these employees not being in the office, it’s challenging to keep track of where they are and what they are doing. This leads some managers to scrutinize every second of their team’s activities, but in doing this, you create the wrong culture. 

Instead, there are ways to keep tabs without breathing down their necks, which allows you to create a culture of trust while still getting excellent results. If you use remote workers for anything, you must allow them their freedom to get the job done without worrying about constant analysis. 

Keep Everyone In the Loop

Without everybody in the office, it’s easy for messages and goals to get lost along the way. This can make some employees feel left out and not as valued as those who always seem to know what is going on, which could hurt their motivation.

You can avoid this by ensuring that whatever happens, regardless of how significant, you inform everybody. This makes everyone feel involved, even if it doesn’t concern them, but also gives them an idea of the direction the company is moving, which could help them complete their tasks better. 

Take Advantage of Digital Tools

Once upon a time, it required a phone call to get in touch with someone working away. However, technology has made it easier than ever to shoot a quick message here if you need to contact someone immediately. 

Desktop and mobile apps such as Slack, Trello, Google Drive, and more make it easier than ever, and you can also use these to organize your team better. Instead of spamming a single company chat, divide your team into their departments but also have an individual chat with each of them, which allows you to discuss anything directly without alerting others. 

Check Up On Them In Person

While remote work is made easy by technology, you should still make an effort every once in a while to check up with your team in person or at least over a video call. Checking up this way is also fantastic for getting to know the person better, and also reminds them that they are more than a mere username. 

You can also help them through any problems they might encounter, from the small to the more severe. Discussing things in person or over video calling apps like Skype can help you understand each other better and will allow you to work through issues. It could be minor like a simple app issue, or it could be following a disaster like damaged equipment or even a truck wreck. Being able to discuss these problems face to face can save both of you panicking and also give each other the support it may require. 

Checking In from Afar

A heavily scrutinized worker is more prone to make mistakes and burn themselves out, and it could even cause them to hate working for you. By using these techniques, you can ensure happy and comfortable employees who do not fear every phone call or message you send them. 

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