When making money is the aim in business, anything that costs you and affects your profits is a huge problem. If you’ve noticed you’re not earning as much as you used to then there are a few issues that may need to be resolved. Here are some ideas. 

Low productivity

The most obvious way your company could be losing money is simply because of low productivity. When you’re paying workers to do a job and that job isn’t getting done efficiently, it’s as good as burning money. There are lots of reasons why this can happen so be sure to look into it. Is it due to low worker morale? Is it a result of poor equipment or a badly laid out workplace? Aim to fix problems and motivate workers so that your productivity levels increase. 

Lack of marketing

If you’re not marketing your business in the right way then you’re not going to make enough sales. The world of business is cut throat, it’s not enough to sell good products or services and hope people stumble across them. You need to be getting the word out there to the right customers. Marketing is complex, if you’re not an expert then consider hiring a marketing agency who will have the experience and expertise. Pushing your business in the right way and using effective advertising can quickly turn your situation around and you’ll start earning profit again. 


Theft from your business can seriously cut into profits. If you have a retail store this could be criminals stealing items or even breaking in at night and taking large amounts of stock. If you have an office based business, it could be theft of computers, printers, even data. Theft could come from criminals outside of your company, or theft and fraud could be committed by your own staff members. Running background checks is essential when you’re in the recruiting and hiring process, make sure employees don’t have a hidden past which could mean they’re a liability to your company. 

Other expenses

Things like insurance claims can be really costly to a business, it’s important to make sure you have the right insurance to protect you in case legal action is taken against you or you could end up seriously out of pocket. Another thing that can be costly is parking tickets, look into a ticket fighter website if this is a problem for you. If you have salespeople then accidentally parking in the wrong place could lead to fines and tickets brought against your business. In some cases you won’t need to pay them so check first and find out what your rights are. 

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