As an employee, you have certain rights that have to be respected by the people that employ you. That’s true across the country, and you should be aware of what these rights are if you want to stay protected and make sure that you don’t get exploited by your bosses. If you don’t know your rights, you will never be able to properly stand up for yourself.

Minimum Wage

Everyone who is employed by a business is entitled to a minimum wage. This can vary depending on various things, such as the type of contract, your age and where you’re located. But the fact remains that everyone is entitled to a certain level of payment. You should find out what your minimum wage is, and make sure that you are being paid it. You can’t let yourself get ripped off by an employer who just wants to save a bit of money.

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Safety in the Workplace

When a company employs you, it’s up to them to offer you a working environment that is safe to work in. They can’t make you do a task that’s unsafe without providing you with the right gear and equipment to protect you. That’s against the law. And if you do get heard as a result of something like this, head to That way, you can get compensation for what happened to you, and that will help keep you afloat financially.

Social Security

Social security payments should be paid by both the employer and the employee. Each should pay 6.2% of your income towards this. That money will then help you to be more financially secure later in life when you reach retirement age. If your employer is not paying into this pot, then they are breaking the law, and you should look further into it. You have a right to these social security payments, and you shouldn’t accept any excuses from your employer if they’re not being paid.

Protection Against Discrimination

Discrimination is against the law, and if you feel like you have been subjected to it in the workplace, you are within your rights to take legal action. Talk to a lawyer and see what they tell you. There is no reason to roll over and accept this kind of thing anymore. It could be discrimination related to religion, race, sex, disability, sexual orientation or many other things. No form of discrimination is legal, and you are protected from it.

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Whistleblower Protection

Whistleblowers are people who report concerns about a business to the press. They could be uncovering misdeeds or criminality. If the release of this information is helpful and positive, you will not be sacked because you will be protected by employment laws. Whistleblowers are responsible for all kinds of positive work, and they’re very important in society, so it’s a good thing that they can be protected in this way. It means you can speak out without fear of punishment. You can find out more about whistleblowing at

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