Ahh, PC gaming. Does anything split a group of gamers quite like it? Probably not. The entire gaming population can be split into two very distinct camps. You either think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, playing a multitude of games on a daily basis. Or you think it’s utterly pointless, sticking to your Xbox or PlayStation.While most PC gamers are happy to play consoles too, many console gamers are unwilling to play on a computer. If you fall into that camp, however, it’s time to stop looking down on this type of gaming. Even if it doesn’t become your new favorite, it can certainly establish itself as a significant part of your experiences.

Here are some of the killer reasons that you should give up your gaming prejudice immediately.

Learn New Skills

Gaming is commonly accepted as a great way to develop hand-eye coordination. Meanwhile, certain titles can actively educate users. Whether this is through educational games aimed at young kids or references made in advanced ones doesn’t matter. All knowledge is a blessing.

However, PC gaming can actively encourage an array of other skills. Computer literacy is a necessity in the modern world. Simply using a computer on a more frequent basis can encourage greater development.


Meanwhile, serious gamers may even learn about coding or designing games or how to network with high speed cables. Those hobbies can teach a plethora of transferrable skills. In some cases, it can even open up a direct career pathway in gaming.

Even if you don’t take your gaming quite that far, working with PCs is hugely beneficial. A deeper understanding of equipment can only be positive in many different scenarios. If nothing else, that increased knowledge can be used to reduce repair costs and other life expenses.

You don’t get that from playing Mario on the Nintendo Switch.

Better For Your Health

Most gamers probably aren’t too focused about their health when playing games, but it is an important feature. Many of the consoles have tried to encourage physical activity through interactive titles. Other than the novelty of Wii Sports nearly a decade ago, the experiments have failed.

However, gaming can be great for your mental health. It’s a great way to reduce stress regardless of how you play. However, it could be argued that PC titles generally encourage players to think about strategies too. This combo of brain exercise and relaxation can be great.


Physically, gaming on a PC can be better too. Let’s face it; console gamers often take up very strange postures. Sitting at a desk on a comfortable chair can be far less problematic. Meanwhile, there’s a comparison table covering the best gaming monitors that can help users find the right solution. In turn, this can result in a better gaming experience and less strain on the eyes.

Gaming can be very addictive, but PC gamers can use their control panels to set restrictions and alarms. While this is possible on some consoles too, it’s a far less accessible process. Establishing balance is a key feature of gaming enjoyment, making this another reason to opt for the PC variant.

Both console and PC gaming have their positives and negatives. But if you’re overlooking the latter, then you could be missing out dearly. Now is the time to change that for the better.

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