Our society, perhaps more than any other, is obsessed by tech. In it, we place our hope of better, happier, healthier, and more productive lives. However, such things are not for the far distant future. In fact, we are on the very cusp of integrating many such innovations into current society right now. Read on to find out more.


First of all, let’s look at a specific material that could revolutionize the way many of us live. It’s called Graphene and made from carbon that is only 1 single atom thick. This is such a big deal because, despite its nano size, it is in fact hugely strong, conductive, and still retains its flexibility.

What this means is that there are almost too many potential applications for graphene to mention.  With top uses including scientific research equipment such as these super sensitive GFET Transistors, and bulletproof armor that is lightweight and flexible. There are even folks that are attempting to use graphene for filtering salt water, something that can quickly and simply make it safe to drink. Now that really could revolutionize the world we live in!

Electric cars

The chances are that you spend quite a bit of money on fuel for your vehicle and rely on it to get you to work, the stores, and take the kids to school. However, things are about to change big time in this area, and I’m not just talking about the advent of self-driving vehicles either.

In fact, what I am referring to here is the electric car, something that has the potential to revolutionize all of our lives. The first way it could do this is by reducing a massive amount of the air pollution that dogs many major cities and is known to be damaging our atmosphere currently.

Of course, that is just for starters because field leaders like Tesla believe that they can make refueling entirely free for all customers, shortly via their stations. Imagine that, not having to pay for petrol, gas or diesel anymore, and still being able to travel wherever you like!

Video medical appointments

Imagine having access to a fully qualified doctor or psychiatrist 24/7 no matter where you are? Well, that is the model we seem to be currently working toward with the raft of new medical services offered via the video function on your smartphone.

In fact, the whole system is straightforward and just requires you to log on a few minutes before you need an appointment and talk to a qualified professional on the other end. Of course, it’s only viable for conditions that don’t require a physical examination at this point, but with the advent of VR, who knows how far we could push the tech?

Video medical consultations are mostly a paid service in the UK and USA right now, but some providers are trialing it instead of the traditional surgery consultations. A development that could have enormous ramifications for convenience, time, traffic congestion, and even controlling disease vectors. Life changing indeed!

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