By Jerry Mooney

Whether or not you believe money makes the world go round, it is important. And there’s no doubt that having more money can make life much easier, so it’s no surprise that many of us are looking to boost our income. Getting a promotion can take years and a better job might be out of reach, but there are other things you can do which allow you to either earn extra money or grow what you already have. Here are five ideas.

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If you’re already an established blogger, there are a few ways you can earn yourself money doing what you love. It could be a bit of extra pocket money, or if you’re lucky, it could become a full or part-time job. Sponsors are keen to work with bloggers because they know how influential they are, however with so many blogs out there and the blogosphere being saturated with many people doing the same thing you need to make sure yours stands out. A nice design is the first step, a clean template with professionally designed header or logo. You can purchase these from designers on Etsy, and they’re not hugely expensive. Your content should of course be well written, not copied or spun content as you should have a good readership to your blog. Some sponsors look for interaction on posts such as comments, so acquiring comments on each post is a good thing.  Domain authority is also hugely important. This is a metric created by Moz and is used to show how popular or influential your blog is on the web. Getting backlinks is a great way to boost this, you can do this by asking bloggers if you can publish a guest post for them. They get excellent content, and you get a backlink to your own blog.


Some people can really take advantage of betting. They understand odds and how to handicap events. Now that the internet has made online sportsbooks a reality, you don’t have to live in Nevada or New Jersey to take advantage of your skills. Most advisers would suggest gamers use the top online sportsbooks for satisfaction.


If you already have some money and are looking to grow this in then property is a good choice. Bricks and mortar hold its value notoriously well- unlike most things that depreciate property increases in value year on year. If you want to earn money quickly then buying and selling is likely to be for you. This is an excellent way to make a lot of money in a short space of time, especially if you can find the perfect property. Something that’s currently run-down but in a good (or up and coming area) and has bags of potential will allow you to earn a lot. Auctions are great for these kinds of finds, just make sure you don’t get carried away and bid over your budget. If you have a great team of tradespeople you should be able to be in and out in a matter of weeks, property on the market and a huge chunk of profit under your belt. If you’re happy making money in the long term, or perhaps you don’t have the funds to buy a house up front, you could rent out instead. If you purchase a buy to let mortgage, a tenant will move in and essentially pay this off every month with rent. You might even make a few hundred a month extra depending on the location of the house and the area. If you’re near a university for example you could rent out the rooms separately and make two to three times the normal rental amount. To make even more money, you could buy property abroad and rent it to tourists as vacation accommodation. Decide what country you want to buy in and check out sites like to find out what’s out there. Alternatively, you could take on a lodger or tenant in your own home, this gives you additional money each month, and could massively help you cover your mortgage or rent payment or just allow you extra money to spend.  



Business is a fantastic way to make money. If you’re already experienced and know what it takes to establish a successful company you could set one up and simply manage it from the top. If you hire the right people and have the correct business model and things in place, you will have to do very little work yourself. If you don’t want to be so involved, another option would be to invest in an up and coming business- if you have money to put in. You would provide them with the funding to get started and in return get a share in their company.  Even if you’re a business newbie, you could set up a home business and earn a little extra money on the side.  For example, if you’re skilled at art or design you could create digital items like clip art, banners and blog designs. The great thing about that is once they’re created they can be sold many times with no more work from you. Sites like Etsy for example make it easy since buyers can download from your store and you get paid each time someone buys. Photography is another option, if you’re a creative with the camera you could put your photos on a stock website and make a little money with every download someone makes. You do have to be very good to make a significant amount from this, but even amateurs can make a little and if it’s something you do as a hobby anyway you might as well try your luck with selling.

Freelance and Tutoring

There are other ways aside from creating a home business where you can earn money from the comfort of your home. Freelance writing, design, editing, proofreading, even admin jobs are usually available on different websites, so depending on the skills and experience you have it’s something you could try to make some extra money. The great thing about this is you can control your own workflow, each piece will have a deadline, but it’s up to you how many projects you take on. And because it’s from home, you can fit this around your other commitments whether that’s full or part-time work, children or other care duties. Tutoring is another thing you could try to make some extra cash. With video calling sites like Skype, you can offer one to one chats with anyone in the world. Whether it’s for a musical instrument, diet and fitness advice or homework help or something else entirely.


The thing about investing is there’s usually some form of risk, even if this is only small. For this reason, you should only invest what you can afford to lose, instead of banking on this money to be able to pay bills or that you will need in the future. If you do have disposable income you are happy taking a small gamble with, there are a few ways you can make money. Investments into precious metals such as gold and silver are one option and are relatively safe as prices increase over time. In just the last ten years for example, the price of gold has almost doubled, which goes to show how much opportunity there is to make money in this kind of market. The stock market is another option, there are lots of professional brokers who are able to assist you, plus simulation computer programs allow you to get a feel for how the market works before you actually invest money. Bitcoin is an up and coming software-based currency which is expected to be huge in coming years.  You can purchase this this from a Bitcoin exchange or online broker, or you could purchase directly from another individual who is selling. Even ATM machines often give the option to buy them. There is risk involved since it’s a new thing, but it’s expected to really take off. A chance to get involved now and invest.

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