We live in stressful times. Many people are emotionally exhausted by the political stories that flood our headlines. We wake up every day to news that seems abnormal and scary. From the Trump administration to the rise of nationalism worldwide, there are daily news stories that make it hard to keep ourselves sane let alone happy. In times like these, it helpful to remember the words of Fred Rodgers: Look for the helpers. This is a great way to remember that humanity is still good even if the news tells us otherwise. In this spirit, we should remember that there are important programs, services and people working constantly to improve the quality of life for those they encounter.

Sometimes we take things like healthcare for granted or we view healthcare as only critical services: what we need to survive. But in order to really enjoy a healthy lifestyle, our health needs go beyond mere survival. This includes quality vision and auditory health, fitness, and nutrition. It’s heartening to know that there are professionals who are dedicated to these fields and we can all benefit from their help. Companies like The Hearing Room have a mission to improve their patient’s quality of life through better hearing. Little things like this are easy to forget when we are inundated with negative stories in the news.

Another great organization to look to for proof that humans are good is Habitat for Humanity Canada. This organization invites people to volunteer labor, furniture, and supplies in order to provide safe, quality housing for the underprivileged. They have an organization that maximizes the contributions so that they can change the lives of low-income families. They have built a network of stores, Re-store, where people can donate supplies and buy discounted materials which all help the organization as well as those who benefit from the low-cost, donated materials.

It’s so easy to be seduced by the negativity that is broadcast throughout our world. We may not want to completely ignore the news and the negativity, it is important to realize that these stories are not the only ones. People everywhere are doing good work. People are volunteering, creating networks of help and providing valuable services to improve the quality of life of their fellow humans. That knowledge can help us pivot emotionally to a more optimistic attitude. And with that attitude, we can help produce more good stories in our world. So, look for the helpers and you will see that there is more good in the world than the stories of devastation would have you believe.

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