When we watch the news it becomes difficult at times to remember that most humans are actually really good people. We care about each other. We live in communities. We socialize. We share and we hold the door open for others when we enter a building. These acts aren’t newsworthy, and therefore we are left with daily images that tell a story that the world is a bad place or that people are bad. This is an unfortunate depiction of reality. As Fred Rogers said, “Look for the helpers.”

What this means is that in every crisis, there are people there helping, first responders, medics, neighbors, firemen, police, and volunteers. If we can keep our eyes on the helpers, we can remember that people are good and the world hasn’t been enshadowed by darkness. Here are a few examples of where humans are helping and bringing light to the world to drive out the darkness.

Working With Seniors

The world is changing faster than ever and that can make some of us uncomfortable or even scared. If we spent decades of our life without much technology, the world of computers and smartphones might not satisfy our needs for contact and community. Fortunately, there are organizations like Meals On Wheels and Seniors for Seniors which provide contact with senior citizens so they aren’t merely shut-ins. Meals on Wheels delivers daily meals to qualified seniors. This not only provides a daily hot meal, but live contact. It functions like a social moment and a check in so that if the senior needs anything, they aren’t home alone for days. Seniors for seniors matches seniors with companions who can help and socialize with them. Both programs assist seniors in need and should remind us that there is good in the world.


The needs of people have become so diverse and complex, that it is difficult for organizations that once filled the space to satisfy the needs of the community, like governments and NGOs, are too big to be responsive. This has created the need for specific needs to raise the necessary money to support themselves. However, in today’s world, this task isn’t as daunting as it was in the past. Mechanisms like crowdfunding and face to face fundraisers, click here, have made a difference in our ability to raise money for causes. This allows us to directly impact the world we are trying to improve.


Our public schools are often pointed to as the example of teaching and learning. However, as funding is strained in today’s society, more and more people are entering the private sector to help educate and enhance the education of their children. This can also be a great way to encourage the talents of a child who might be too advanced for their school activities. Private lessons from schools like provide more individual and catered lessons to help a child flourish.

Sometimes it feels like there is only bad news in the world. This has more to do with how the news is broadcast than it is about how humans are engaging with each other. The world is still a good place. People are still good. Remember that when you feel overwhelmed by the news of the day and remember to look for the helpers.

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