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Businesses of all types are becoming more reliant on machinery. If this machinery breaks, it can have costly effects on your business. Here a few maintenance tricks and precautions to ensure that your business stays healthy.

Know when your tech is outdated

Out of comfort – or simply to avoid having to splash out on a new one – some people will keep on to old tech. However, this old tech could be damaging your business. Newer companies using newer tech may be able to do the job at twice the speed. This is particularly the case with computers that really ought to be replaced every five years. Find out what equipment other similar trades are using and see if you need a revamp.

Repairing vs replacing

There’s a right time to repair and a right time to replace. Weighing up the costs of repairing and replacing is the best way to do this. If repair costs are almost as much as getting a new machine, you’re best of scrapping your current one and buying a new one. Repairing is becoming more difficult and more specified as machinery gets more complex, although there are still some parts that are easy to locate and repair such as an industrial seal mfg or an LED screen replacement. Always shop around to get the best price and be careful of second hand parts.

Keep a service handbook

A service handbook allows you to record regular maintenance (as well as recording who was using a machine at what point). This might not be important with computers, but with heavy equipment such as diggers or industrial machinery you should always have some form of record. It will also help if you choose to sell the equipment, proving to a buyer that the machine has been in good hands.

Train your staff thoroughly in maintenance

Training your staff on how to maintain machinery is important – not just how to clean and repair them, but how to operate them carefully and economically in order to reduce the chances of damage. In some cases, this may require putting staff on a course. Make health and safety a major part of training, this will not only protect your workers’ wellbeing but legally protect if there is an accident.

Beware of hackers

With many machines becoming digital and joining ‘the internet of things’, it’s important to keep your network secure. Many hackers are now breaking into people’s networks through items as simple as a Smart kettle. PCs can easily be protected with software, whilst other items may not be so safe. Look into ways of securing your network and consider backing up information on the cloud where possible. Alternatively, consider whether you really need your machinery to be internet-powered – do you really need a tractor with computer analytics?

Insure your equipment

Insuring your equipment can cover you for damage or for misuse of a machine by an employee. You can also take out further schemes such as cyberinsurance to protect you against a hack in which personal details may have been stolen. All the measures mentioned above can lower your insurance costs, and you may be able to save costs with a business bundle deal or by raising your deductible costs.

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