Have you watched some sport on the TV and thought “how can anybody watch this? It’s boring!” You might not be inclined towards sports at all, but there is a sport for everyone out there. The best sports rejuvenate, relax, and get you focused and fired up! There are plenty of sports that aren’t very sexy or cool, but it’s not about whether it’s boring to watch. If you don’t like watching it,  that’s one thing, but playing it might be a completely different story. For a relaxing sport like golf, it may be as dull as ditchwater to watch, but playing it has been shown to appeal to your Jack Nicholsons and Will Smiths of the world, believe it or not! There are some sports that are pretty cool underneath the surface, and here are three to pep up for yourself!
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Yes, sitting for 12 to 18 hours to catch a guppy the size of your pinky might not sound like the most interesting of ways to spend a weekend, but that’s because you’re doing it wrong! Fishing is all about strategy, not just patience. You can place a line into the water and hopefully catch something, or you can combine it with something like drones! Now, fishing and drones might sound like a weird combination, but to eradicate that sense of boredom and to get a better chance of catching something, you can use a drone to fly the rod out further. Depending on where you want to fish, you will want to find the best drones for fishing based on your budget. But if money is not an issue, you can use a drone to search for fish, help with the catching of the fish, and even film your efforts! If you become such a keen fisherman (or fisher lady), then you can make your own videos and put them online and show people that fishing isn’t actually that boring!  


The armchair sport to rule them all! Back in the 1980s, snooker was all the rage, and people like Alex Higgins drank and smoked his way through to world championship trophies. Flash forward, and the sport is considered slow and sleep-inducing. As an observer, the game can be at a snail’s pace, especially when you compare it to fast sports like rugby, football (soccer or pigskin), and anything where fists are involved. But snooker doesn’t have that cache, it’s controlled calm, and incredibly pressurizing! But the only way to get an appreciation for the game is to play it yourself, and you’ll see that it’s not like your 8-ball pool, the table is huge, and there’s a massive margin of error. Snooker is an incredibly addictive sport because of the rounds, or “frames,” played. If you were to go toe to toe with an amateur competitor, it would take you days to complete. The stamina involved in snooker isn’t about the physical, it’s the mental exhaustion that can occur. One little mistake can cost you the whole game in professional circles, and this is something that is overlooked by the casual observer. It is a massive mental challenge, and as far as the toughest mental challenge is concerned…


Much like snooker, chess isn’t the sexy sport you see on the TV. In fact, chess isn’t televised anymore. The last time it was considered to be a popular sport was back in the 1970s, when people like Bobby Fischer were the key proponents of the game. And looking at Fischer as a player, he worked out mentally and physically as if the next game was a fight. And this is the allure of chess, it’s a real fight, it’s Monopoly, Risk, and Tetris all in one! And then some! It’s a game of endless possibilities, and there will never be the same outcome. Chess is considered very off-putting for the reason that it’s too difficult and can’t be learned in one session, yet this is the rewarding nature of the game. That is what will keep you coming back, and the more you play, the more you will learn about how your own brain works. Looking at it from one perspective, if you were to play against someone, they have their own method or sequence, and once you’ve figured that out, that is how you can beat someone. It isn’t just pieces on a board, it’s a real test of lateral thinking. Even people like Arnold Schwarzenegger are big into chess, and this is because it’s something that you will never get bored of!

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