Console gaming has come further than we ever could have imagined just twenty years ago. The end of the twentieth century brought with it the worldwide adoption of the worldwide web. Everyone was connected, and the rise of social media and mobile gaming swiftly followed. Before they knew it, the console creators were working overtime to find those unique selling points to retain their hardcore fans.
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Some moved toward controller-less gaming, like the Wii. Others developed global gaming networks with greater interactivity than ever before. The tools that were previously only available to PC fans were now wide accessible. This meant the industry opened right up. There were more developer opportunities, more design opportunities. Production budgets started to overtake Hollywood movies. So why are more and more people keen to rekindle the PC gaming passions of long ago?

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If you’ve never spent time with PC gaming, chances are you’re a die-hard fan. Convincing you to let go of your beloved console might be a challenge here. But if you’re willing to take your gaming experience to the next level, then a desktop PC could be just the start of it. Custom gaming pcs allow you pick and choose the hardware and power of your dream machine. In fact, you can customize just about anything you like.

Unlike some consoles, standard connections open up the world of peripherals to PC gamers. And if you’re looking for something specific, then simply buy the card to integrate it. You’ll need a keyboard to use the PC. This is enormously beneficial for lots of reasons. A QWERTY keyboard remains the easiest way to interface with any internet browser. When you’re searching for the best games on the market, then it definitely beats a console controller.

Some of the issues surrounding console lagging and overheating through extended strategy gaming use can be simply eliminated with the right cooler and fan system. You can work harder for longer when you customize your PC. Does PC gaming restrict your access to titles? On the contrary – there are thousands of multi-platform games that include a PC release. And thousands more dating as far back as the eighties are still sure to delight today.

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Perhaps it’s the added benefit of social media gaming that makes PCs so popular. Sure, they’re not exactly portable or mobile. But usually, it is possible to enjoy access to everything online that you’ve enjoyed on your phone or tablet. And yes, you can download apps, although not many are as useful or purposeful as you might like. As for multitasking, you can’t beat it, especially with a dual screen setup. But if you’re gaming, do you really want to be working on anything else?

In terms of doing more, the PC will win hands down. Are the graphics and sound any better? You can easily upgrade your custom PC to produce the quality you desire. Would you give up your console system? There will always be single-platform releases, so you might be missing out if you sold it. Enjoy.

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