It’s fair to say that business owners are going to have to jump over a lot of hurdles to keep their business running in 2017. Don’t forget that over ninety percent of new companies fail in their first year. So, if your company is fresh on the market, then you’re already running against the clock. Here are some of the problems most business owners will encounter and be forced to deal with.

Outsourcing Trouble

The trouble with outsourcing is that you are relying on another company to keep up your level of quality and guarantee a great service to your customers. Hopefully they will, but you can’t guarantee this. In fact it’s possible that they leave your business with a black mark and a poor reception. That’s why you always need to choose a company like this carefully.

Accidents In The Office

Every year, thousands of PI claims flood into companies and it’s fair to say that they can end up costing a fortune. You don’t want that type of drain on your company. The answer is to keep health and safety standards high in your business. Make sure that you are not neglecting any area that could result in an accident.

Legal Trouble

It’s so easy to fall on the other side of legality in business, particularly when it changes so frequently. But you have to make sure you’re staying up to date and that every part of your business is on the right side of regulations. The infographic below shows some of the issues you can have with legislation if you are not working to do this.

Created by Altius

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