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Car owners often want the performance of their cars to be better than when they came off the production line and some of them spend small fortunes making this happen. This is nothing new; it has been going on for decades and in some places meeting are held for them all to show off their improvements.

However, there are some mods that will just improve the look of the car and other that will make it perform better.


If you want your car to handle well, a good set of tires should be the first thing you spend any money on. No amount of power will be any good if your tires will not grip the road. You should also monitor the pressure of your tires. Having them at the correct pressure not only makes your car safer to drive, but it will also improve the way your car handles.

Spark Plugs

Good quality spark plugs can make a difference to the performance of your car. They will provide better combustion, which translates into more power as well as better fuel economy.

Whenever you are buying parts or accessories you should always purchase them from a reputable dealer such as Automotive Stuff. There are lots of fake items on the market, and then even the spark plugs would be a waste of your dollars.

Reprogramming ECU

The ECU in your car controls the mix of fuel and air. It is set at the factory at a level to maximize efficiency and power. The problem is that the factory settings are well below your engines true capacity, mainly as a safety net.

Reprogramming the ECU can unlock a huge amount of extra performance and sometimes leads to better fuel efficiency too.

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Cold-Air Intake

The easier it is for your car to ‘breathe’ the better it will run. The cold-air intake frees up the flow of air to your engine, which helps to keep it cooler. This translates into better performance, as engines love cold air.

Exhaust System

The exhaust system is a crucial part of the air, fuel and, spark equation. The freer flowing the air is through the exhaust the better your car will perform. There are many different exhaust systems on the market, and some drivers are considering the way they look as well as how good they are. You just have to be aware that if you fit an aftermarket exhaust on a fairly new car, you could make your warranty void.


If you are going to make your car go faster, it needs to be able to stop faster too. There are brakes especially designed for performance cars. Some have hard ceramic brake pads, and there are slotted or drilled rotors for less brake fade. You can buy braided steel brake lines that can deliver more hydraulic pressure to the calipers, and wheel cylinders or oversize rotors that will slow you down even quicker. You just have to make sure that the brakes are up to the job once you have improved your car’s performance.

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