As the sun is beginning to shine more intensely and the days are giving us more hours of light to enjoy, you’d think you’d have all the motivation you need to get outside and get fit. However, for some of us, the lure of staying indoors, kicking back and watching TV or eating our favorite food wins out every time. Even though the balmy weather is upon us, it can still be difficult to find that all-important mojo that will see you jogging, cycling or even walking to try and boost your fitness levels and shift a few pounds. While a tad outside the box, you might want to consider getting yourself a canine pal to help you enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors. While welcoming a puppy into your home purely for selfish reasons is not advocated, if you are a doggy person and you’ve been thinking of getting a new pet, this could be just the reason you need to take the plunge and find your new hound friend.

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They NEED Exercise

There is no choice when it comes to owning a dog. They need to head outdoors, enjoy a brisk walk at least twice a day and have fun playing fetch. If you don’t succumb to their whines, they will simply choose to maul your sofa. The choice is yours. When outside with your pooch, enjoy finding new walks, letting him off the leash and playing with him. Forming a bond with your animal and getting healthier at the same time is a life-affirming experience, and your physical and mental well being will be better for it.

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Social Aspects

Having a dog will make you infinitely more interesting down at your local park. It doesn’t matter whether you have a dachshund, a labradoodle or a border collie, people will flock to you to coo over your four-legged friend. Meeting other dog walking enthusiasts can expand your social circle and help you forge new meaningful friendships. While out with your mutt, keep an eye on the other hounds in the area. Should you suffer a dog bite, it’s vital that you contact a recommended personal injury lawyer immediately. Not all of the canines will be as well trained as yours, and you will need to keep an eye on more aggressive looking dogs.

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Quality Time With The Family

Another great aspect of having a hound in the home is their ability to get into all sorts of hilarious scrapes. Your new mutt will end up being a valued family member and can be the catalyst for spending more quality time together. Instead of spending evenings and weekends cooped up indoors, you can head outdoors as a family, doggy pal too, and enjoy picnics, barbecues and adventures outside. You will find your kids are much less likely to switch on their tablets or scroll through their social media feeds if their cute canine is frolicking outside in the garden aching for a human pal to play with him.

Dogs really are faithful friends and wonderful creatures to have around. If you lack the impetus to get outdoors and get active, consider welcoming a wonderful pooch pal into your home.


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