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The recent British referendum result to leave the EU came as a big blow to many businesses and companies who are established in the UK. Many people thought that the vote would surely go in favor of the EU and Brexit would not go through. Once the results came in, there were certainly many business owners watching their TV in absolute shock! Now this poses a big question for many international businesses – where next after Brexit? Here are some of the top choices for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to relocate from the UK.

Paris, France

Once the results were announced, it didn’t feel like the city of Paris wasted any time trying to attract London-based businesses over the English channel. The city even launched an advertising campaign last autumn! In fact, the city might not have needed to spend so much on their ad campaign, as it is believed that big banks have already been in talks about moving to the French capital. There will definitely be benefits with this move, as they will prosper from being directly in Continental Europe and can take advantage of the city’s cosmopolitan workforce.

The United States

Of course, there is always the option for businesses to leave the EU altogether. The EU already as many trading agreements and deals set up with the United States, so companies may start relocating across the pond to take advantage of these lucrative deals. Plus, after Trump became President of the United States this January, it looks like he may try to strike a very profitable trading deal with the UK. That means companies based in the US will be able to make the most of trading with the UK as well as EU nations.


Relocating to Australia was once almost impossible, and businesses were put off by the long distance. However, now that the Internet has brought the world closer, and modern shipping container modifications make it safer and easier to transport company equipment, lots more business owners are considering the move. Plus, there are now business and investment visas available for non-Australian nationals, helping them to set up and promote their new business. Even if you are already an established business owner, it’s worth considering expanding to an office down under to maximize on all of Australia’s trade deals that have been in place for decades.


Want to operate your business from the EU’s heartland? Then head to Germany. Angela Merkel puts so much money into the EU that Germany is one of the nations that benefits the most out of the institution. Not only that, though, but Germany’s friendly relations with its neighboring countries make importing and exporting extremely easy and efficient. Frankfurt am Main is Germany’s main financial city, but new businesses should consider moving to Berlin, which is one of the best start-up locations in the whole of Europe.

Don’t let Brexit get you down – as you can see, you have plenty of options when it comes to relocating!


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