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By Lina Martinez

As we have ever increasing pressures placed upon us in our working environments, there is, naturally, going to be a toll on our health in some way. Whether you are remote working, out in the field, or just spend time in your office, the dangers of working nights and unsociable hours have become normality for a lot of people. Whether this is because of difficulties in finding a job, or the specific skill sets we have means that we have to do night work on occasion, we need to make sure that we have an understanding of how it affects our health. So, how does it do this and what can we do to minimize the effects of night work on us?

Look At The Regulations Of Your Workplace

This is something that can certainly be worth checking out, because if we don’t know exactly what our rights are, and we end up working more unsociable hours than is expected of us, then we can feel like we are being taken advantage of. It’s important to undertake the relevant research to make sure that you are not working above and beyond what is required of you in a legal sense.

Tackling The Health Impacts

Of course, the biggest impact is the fact that we work so much during the night that our circadian rhythms end up being out of balance. Our bodies are trained to go to sleep when it is night, so issues like obesity and even diseases like diabetes and cancer are more likely to affect people that work during the night. One approach to tackle your sleep deficit is to make sure you are sleeping smartly. Remember, it’s not about the amount of hours you sleep, but rather the amount of sleep cycles you complete. There is more information on, and this needs to be the first port of call if you plan on working night shifts for many years.

Change Your Career

This isn’t something lots of people like to hear, but because of the detrimental impacts of working unsociable hours on your health, the one thing you really would benefit from is by working hours that suit your body’s needs. For lots of people, the moment when they realize they can’t do it anymore is when they make a major mistake. You only have to look on a site like to see the perils of being a truck driver, one of the most dangerous professions that involve unsociable hours, might work, and excessive hours behind the wheel. If you have hit the tipping point and found that it has affected your life for the worse, or you are making many mistakes in work, take it as a sign to start looking elsewhere.

If you sleep 2 hours less every night for two weeks, this is the equivalent of having stayed up for 48 hours! Think about this when you haven’t slept much prior to your night shift, would you stay awake for 48 hours? Of course not! This has a detrimental effect on anybody. And when you do work unsocial hours, it’s not just the health impacts, but it’s your personal ones also you need to bear in mind.

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