Businesses nowadays find it hard to survive without having a way to connect with customers across the internet. This is why online presences are so incredibly important to the businesses of today. Not only are they a place for us to market our services and products to the world, but they’re also used to interact with our customers and engage with them in conversations.

However, building an online presence feels like a mystery when you search online. Everyone will give you technical jargon such as “SEO” and expect you to understand it, but for a business owner, it’s difficult to know what they are talking about especially if you aren’t well-versed with how the internet works. That’s why there’s a plethora of internet marketing services that offer turnkey solutions to provide you with an online presence, but these are incredibly expensive and aren’t needed assuming you have a bit of knowledge about how the internet works and how you build a presence.

That’s what this article hopes to tackle. After reading this short post, you’ll hopefully understand how internet marketing works and how you can cut costs by using outsourcing and freelancing instead of a complete digital marketing solution.

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Focus on building a social media presence

Social media is used by billions of people around the world. It’s the single most effective way to connect with an incredible amount of people who could be fans of your products, potential customers or even competitors. It’s a way to reach people without having to do anything besides post a few messages now and then to give updates about your business, the products you have or even just what your workplace is up to. Try to make your social media handles similar to your actual business name because if you start to gain traction and people think of your business, they’re going to look for you on

Generate excitement

If you silently release a product then chances are people aren’t going to pay much attention to what you have to offer. A large portion of your budget should be dedicated to giving yourself a presence, and the best way to do that is to generate excitement for your product. You can do this by teasing people on social media with sample images of your product or specifications if you’re making something that is electronic like a new smartphone. However, another fantastic way to generate excitement and get people talking is to get a press release professionally written from a service such as These affordable services will help you build up a reputation for your company and distribute your product to a wide variety of news outlets and publications that specialise in your industry, thus giving you a lot of attention.

Build up a reputation

Word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertisement and the only way you can get people talking is if you do something worth talking about. With a solid reputation, you’ll have the ability to grow your business with ease. There are some companies that are built on solid customer experience foundations and they thrive on word of mouth advertising. For instance, they might have excellent customer feedback response, they might work feverishly to meet consumer demands or they might have a fantastic returns policy that favors the consumer.

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