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We all know that one person who, at school, would always find excuses not to join the PE lesson. Whether they faked a cough to avoid the swimming pool or pretending that their imaginary asthma kept them from racing, they always had a way to stay away from sports. Maybe you can’t help but chuckle as you try to imagine the kind of excuse they would be giving today, as a grownup: From an appointment with the banker to pretending that they are in the middle of an important call, anything is possible. Yet, have you ever considered that there is more to sports than just exercising, and that, more important, people who didn’t like sports at school may be enthusiastic fans of their local basketball team? It is always an odd realization to think that you can hate doing sports but love watching it and following anything related to it at the same time. But it is nonetheless true: Every non-sporty people can get hooked on sports. So how does it happen?

Watching sports on TV

The Thrill Of The Action

Watching sports is a roller-coaster of emotions and excitement. You don’t need to be on the field to be part of the feeling. Therefore, whether they rely on their TAB app, or they choose to share a pizza with friends in front of the TV. For many, watching a game – whether it is basketball, golf, wrestling, or even hockey, to name a few of them – is the catalyst of deep and strong emotions. It is about wanting your team to win, feeling exhilarated with each point they score, and cheering with them at the end of the game. What non-sporty people like, sometimes, it’s not the game, it’s the emotional journey they go through as they watch; it’s the uncertainty of who is going to win.                                                                   

They Join Digital Matches

There is another side to sports that most people don’t think about: Sports can be digital too. For years, you’ve probably come across video games that are inspired by the football world cup or the NBA games. This enables non-sporty people to become their favorite player, for the duration of a match, and to live the thrill of the moment. But it’s not all: digital sports have taken such a big part in the world economy, that the concept of eSports has brought new players to the video console. Indeed, competitive video gaming is now a thing that is accepted as a form of sport – in its loose sense. What this means is that expert geeks and nerds are now playing their favorite video game in front of a live audience. They are sporty while still sitting on the sofa.

The Admiration For The Skills

Last, but not least, there is a natural sense of admiration that people develop for their favorite athletes. The athlete, the professional player is more than someone who is just very good at sports – which is what it should boil down to – they become heroes. An athlete, indeed, shows a perfect control of their body, as it is their work instrument. But the athlete also displays a sense of fair play, a form of humility, and a sense of generosity with other players that go well beyond the scale of body practice. It seems, for a lot of non-sporty watchers, that athletes have a sane and admirable mind in a fit and admirable body. What’s not to like?

Runners help a fellow runner complete the marathon

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