The summer? It’s a time of peace and relaxation. Stretching out on a nice chair in the sun with a cool drink? There might just be no better feeling than that! Summer gives you the perfect opportunity, and the perfect weather, to be able to try new things. Here are a few peaceful hobbies that you can take up in the summer!

If you want to get a little bit fitter, but don’t want anything hectic – badminton might be the way to go. Badminton is the perfect peaceful summertime hobby – it’s easy, and it’s fun! To get started, you need a garden and a badminton net along with a number of badminton racquets and a few ‘shuttlecocks.’ It’s not a hard sport to get into and has very few rules. It’s rather cheap and isn’t as raucous as other sports. Plus you can enjoy it in pretty limited space.

Badminton still might be a bit much for you though; it might not be peaceful enough. In that case, you might consider fishing. You want to be close to a fishing destination, a river or a lake for fishing to work – and you’re also going to need equipment. From any number of baits right through to rods like the Redington path fly rod. You can’t fish without this gear. Then you’re going to need seating (fishing is a long hobby where you have to wait a lot), some coffee – a lot of coffee and maybe a good book. Fishing is all about the technique, but thankfully there are plenty of learning materials and tutorials available in book form and on the internet. It’s never too late to learn, and fishing is pretty relaxing, easy to get into and hard to master. It’s a very fulfilling hobby and perfect for the summer months.


Golf is a great game to enjoy on a hot summer’s day. Of course, like fishing you are going to need some equipment! You’ll namely need your clubs and some balls to hit. You’ll likely need to pay your way onto some sort of golf course as well. Driving ranges are a fun way to perfect your swing. Golfing is a super social sport and great to perform as a group, so get out there with some friends. Peaceful? of course it is. Hitting a hole in one is pretty zen, anyway!


If you really want to achieve peace in the summer, then get reading. Reading is an amazing mind-expanding hobby that requires pretty much zero movement apart from a flick of the fingers to turn a page, and a lunge forward to grab your drink, of course. Reading can not only help you learn new things (you might read about golfing or fishing tips, for example), it’s a great way to transport yourself to some amazing words through some great writing. If you don’t like books, give them a try as you bask in the sun.


It’s the perfect time to take up some new hobbies before the sun turns it up a notch, so get out there early and perfect your craft. Whatever it is!

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