By Haris Quintana
The 2017 ICC Champions Trophy is the 8th edition of the Champions Trophy, a tournament involving the top 8 teams in world cricket. To date, six teams have won the competition with India and Australia winning the Champions Trophy twice. Other winners of the Champions Trophy include the West Indies, New Zealand, Srilanka and South Africa. The 8 teams in the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy have been divided into two groups. Group -A features Australia, England, New Zealand and Bangladesh while group B includes India, South Africa, Srilanka and Pakistan.

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The favorites for the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy include Australia, India, South Africa and England. New Zealand is also expected to do well in the tournament. So, who will win the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy? Predicting a winner right away is not possible but there are reasons to back some teams over the others. Australian bookmakers are heavily favoring Australia and England to win the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy with India being the outsiders. The reasons the odds heavily favor Australia and England to win the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy are obvious. Australia is the defending ODI champion and England is playing on home turf. As for the outsiders, India has always done well in ICC competitions so it’s natural to back them to perform well in this year’s Champions Trophy.

This is a huge gamble but here’s how I think the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy will pan out. Group-A will be won by Australia with England finishing as runners-up. Group B honors will be taken by South Africa and India will fill in the second spot. Australia will face India while South Africa will play England in the Semi-finals. My bet for the final? Australia vs. England for the reasons mentioned earlier i.e. defending ODI champions and the home team. Whether you agree with me or not, you can make your feelings known by betting on your favorite 2017 ICC Champions Trophy team.

In addition to predicting the winner of the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy, you can predict the team that’ll finish last in each group. My picks are Bangladesh and Srilanka. You can bet on each game of the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy to get a chance of winning some money and increasing your wealth. Fifteen games will be played in this year’s Champions Trophy. If you bet on each match correctly, you’ll stand a chance of making some serious money. You can increase your chances of betting on each match correctly by taking a look at the ICC Champions Trophy odds listed online.

In terms of interest and TV viewership, The ICC Champions Trophy is the second biggest competition in cricket. The ICC Champions Trophy will be held for an 8th -time this year and most experts are backing Australia, England or India to win the competition. You can watch the ICC Champions Trophy on your favorite sports channel to see whether that happens or not.

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