In business, productivity often breeds success. If your business is firing on all cylinders, there’s every chance that you’ll boost your turnover and increase your profits. If you haven’t quite reached the summit, and you think you could do more, here are 3 simple steps you can take to make the registers ring.

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Creating a productive team

When you manage a team of employees, your aim should always be to get the best out of every individual. If your staff members lack motivation or they’re not committed to the cause, your business won’t be as productive as it could be. Get everyone singing from the same hymn sheet, make roles clear, and establish team goals. Encourage collaboration, and create a positive mood in the office. Reward effort, and ensure that everyone feels able to chip in, and share their ideas. Try to inject a sense of fun into the working day. If you have a happy workforce, you’re more likely to achieve greater success. Play to the strengths of individuals, and delegate. Many people thrive on responsibility, and the opportunity to lead projects. Promote friendly competition, and encourage progression. Offer training opportunities, and endeavour to recruit the best candidates for every position.

Making the most of technology

Modern businesses have access to forms of technology, which enable you to do a lot more in a shorter space of time. If you embrace technology, you can streamline your business, make cost-savings, and increase efficiency. If you are reliant on computer systems or you have an online store, for example, make sure you have the relevant security measures in place, and invest in modern technology. If you’re using old computers or you’re leaving yourself open to hackers, this could prove incredibly costly. Every minute of downtime will cost, so investigate IT services like those offered by ItWORKS! If you can prevent technical issues or ensure that they’re remedied as quickly as possible, you can minimize the impact, which will save both time and money.

Identifying time and money saving measures

One of the best ways to boost profits is to reduce spending, and you can often do this by making your business more efficient and using simpler, cheaper ways to generate sales. Keep an eye on your marketing strategy, and use feedback and data analysis. If you’re ploughing money into an Instagram campaign, which has fallen flat, divert this capital to a platform, which has proven successful. If you want to expand your staff team, but there’s not enough work to warrant a full-time position, consider taking on freelancers. This way, you can pay a daily rate or a fixed fee per project, rather than committing to a salary. Invest in software that takes care of menial, time-consuming tasks like working out wages and drawing up rotas. You’ll be surprised at the difference even minor changes can make.

In business, you can often increase your profits by making your business more productive. If you’re keen to take your business to the next level, bear these three steps in mind. Identify areas where you can save time and money, energize and motivate your team, and utilize the power of modern technology.


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