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Increasing numbers of small business owners are taking their companies to the web and operating through Ecommerce stores. But there is still space for success on the high street and if you do intend to operate in a public space, you’re going to have to take special measures to ensure that your physical business is protected from physical threats. Here are a few different areas to consider!


Vandalism tends to be rife and the types of property that are most frequently vandalised tend to be stores – store fronts in particular. But not to worry. You can look up local security camera installations and have CCTV fitted outside your store to ensure that any activity is monitored. The presence of these cameras alone should help to prevent would be criminals from acting in an illegal manner, as footage can be used to identify them and prosecute them. If people go ahead and damage your store, you can use the evidence to ensure they face justice. Other measures can also be taken. Consider fitting shutters in front of glass windows – they should come with some sort of lock to prevent anyone from pulling them up.


CCTV should help with theft when it comes from the outside – it will put off people who might intend to burgle your store and if you have CCTV inside your commercial property, you are likely to ward off shoplifters. But it is also important to remember that a lot of theft in small businesses is carried out by staff members. These individuals have access to areas of your store that others don’t – so make sure to fit CCTV in areas out back too, such as stock rooms or offices where cash and other assets may be stored. It’s extremely difficult to prove that an employee has stolen from you without tangible evidence. You can also minimise theft from employees by ensuring that any staff you take on have positive references from previous employers.

Fire Safety

Fire threats can be an accident or can be an act of arson – either way, fire can wreak absolute havoc in a commercial property, just as it can in any other property. It can damage the property itself, it can damage stock, and worst of all, it can pose a threat to the life of anyone in the building. So, make sure that you have sufficient fire safety equipment installed in your commercial property. This should include smoke alarms, sprinkler systems, fire exit signs, and relevant fire fighting equipment, such as fire extinguishers.

Physical threats to your company can cost you a whole lot of money in the long run. So, save your business a few bucks and reduce the inconvenience of having to replace storefront features by following the above advice. It should help to keep your commercial premises safe and sound at all times!

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