Small business owners will want to push their brand as much as possible. That is how you make consumers familiar with your company, and encourage them to spend money. Ideally, you want to become a household name that everyone recognises. If you achieve that goal, people will always come to you when they need a relevant product or service. That is because your firm will be the first thing that pops into their minds. I’ve listed some excellent real-world concepts on this page that could make a difference to your efforts. Most people focus on the digital landscape these days. However, you don’t want to overlook these tried and tested ideas.


Invest in printed products that contain your branding

Lots of business owners refrain from spending cash on printed products these days. That is because they think their money is better spent on digital promotion. However, it’s still possible to get amazing results from posters and flyers. You could even think outside of the box and try something like a Z fold card. That is especially useful if many of your potential customers live in the same area. You could pay a local delivery firm to push them through doors. So, you just need to search online for a reputable printer who doesn’t charge the earth. Most professionals in that industry will also handle the design process for an extra fee. With a bit of luck, you’ll see excellent outcomes.

Sponsor local charity events

You should always try to create a positive impression of your business. Sponsoring local charity events is a wise move for a couple of reasons. Firstly, people will know that you care about the local community. That means you will gain a lot of respect amongst people who attend the occasion. Secondly, the charity will place your company logo all over everything. If the press choose to participate in the event, you should notice your branding in the background of some of their photographs. The same goes for situations in which local news crews might turn up.


Create publicity stunts

In the absence of a high quality publicity company, the process of setting up a publicity stunt if often a lot of fun. However, it can take some time to think of the right approach. So, it’s best not to rush into anything. Your goal is to get as much attention for your brand as possible without anyone knowing you’re advertising. So, try to think of something funny that newspaper readers and internet users won’t be able to ignore. For example, maybe you should claim that your workplace is haunted by a ghost who does something silly? Perhaps he keeps scaring the postman every morning? The tabloids love stuff like that because it increases their website views. You get the idea, right?

If you try to put those suggestions into action this year, you should manage to increase brand awareness. With a bit of luck, thousands of people will know about your company in twelve month’s time. So, make a decision regarding what you want to achieve, and begin creating your plan right now. There is no time to waste! If you hesitate, a competitor will beat you to the mark.

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