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Quarries and mining are two age-old professions. Humanity has always needed stone for building works of all kinds, as such, if you are planning on getting into quarrying you have chosen a profession that can be successful and always needed. It isn’t a flash in the pan. Humankind will always need different kinds of stone for key building works, at least for the foreseeable future. Yet the business of quarrying is a tough one, where many things can go wrong at different times. Ranging from life-threatening accidents too costly misfortunes. Yet if you get it right the profits are high and ever ranging. These tips can give some foresight into the industry and help you make the right decisions regarding your decisions to set up a company in the realms of quarrying. If you are serious you may have considered some of these already, yet read on because you could find something of worth to you and your prospective business.

The first thing to note is the enormous outgoings you will have to come to grips with when setting up the quarry. Equipment costs a fortune and you will need to come to the table with some decent money to secure more loans. You will need vehicles. Equipment for the breaking of stone. Health and safety gear, not to mention the hundreds of fluid transportation wires for stopping heat build up that pirtek often install. There is so much to consider the mind boggles. As such you need to have the right amount of research to put into your business plan. This is the plan that will dictate your success, so put the right amount of time into it and only approach the business when you have the right money.


You need to find the perfect location too. You may already have this in mind which is what your idea is based upon. You will need to tick all the right permits, hold the right passes and have the permission of either the landowner or the government. Even if you own the land this is important, because you may be making a significant change to it through the work. You also need to bear in mind local areas. If you are close to homes you may not get a permit because quarrying can be expensive. Check it out first before you part with any cash.

The value of stone waivers too, so make sure you get your costings and margins right before you go to the bank. Have an accountant look over your numbers and forecasts to be sure they are right and proper. This way you can show how you are going to make yourself and indeed them a considerable profit.

There are so many variables with a quarry, it all comes down to getting into a great routine. If you can nail the routine you can be sure of a good return, so long as you get the right money in the first place and implement a great set of rules required by health and safety standards. Good luck, and take your time in the planning stage. You may not get another shot.

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